Semiprecious stones like amber or lapislazuli

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  1. thanks, millicat :hugs:
  2. Coral earrings and another of my coral brooch :smile:

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  3. IMG_1491165801.046290.jpg
    Turquoise - NRS World ring, Kendra Scott
    White Howlite - LuEls Jewels
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  4. 0402171724.jpeg Smokey quartz
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  5. my new citrine ring :smile: 20170426_172725.jpg 20170426_172829.jpg
  6. Ring from yesterday 20170426_164551%7E2.jpg
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  7. 20170319_085925.jpg 20170319_100045.jpg

    Marked 925, not sure of the stones been told Carnelian?
  8. My garnet ladies...

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  9. 20170427_200511968.jpeg

    Not sure of the stones, but it is marked 14k gold in two places.
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  10. IMG_1493669056.333749.jpg
    Amazonite ring; turquoise and CZ bracelets
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  11. my new rose quartz bracelet 20170610_221617.jpg
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  12. My Lapis ring! I love the setting!

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  13. Dont remember if i posted this pendent before but these are new pics of this beautifully together item-stones are both over 11cts, all natural, well cut & eye candy class stones in 14kt white gold, next pendent just built is a Ceylon sapphire/diamond pendent, sapphire is 2.32cts, untreated, good color, diamond is .49ct. & good quality, 1" tall in 14kt white gold-:cool:

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  14. amber ring...
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  15. That's really nice!! :love: I love Amber!!
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