Semiprecious stones like amber or lapislazuli

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  1. Hello everyone! I am a lover of semiprecious stones like amber, lapislazuli, turquoise and jade.
    I bet that I am not the only one here...
    Please show us your pieces!
  2. An amber bracelet:

  3. Lapislazuli and jade:

  4. Huge mother-of-pearl earrings:

  5. Amber pendant:

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  6. Wow! That is incredible, Uli! I love all Amber, but butter amber is my fav! What are the dimensions of this piece?
  7. Here is my butter Amber: ( bracelet & ring)

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    Here is a sweet little Amber heart (whiskey colored) with some tiny Amber drop earrings on yellow gold. You don't often see Amber put together with yellow gold and I always think that is such a shame 'cuz the warmth of yellow gold is great with Amber.

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  9. I feel like this thread has the potential to be flooded with VCA pieces and the new amulette de Cartier line. :P
  10. Those would be nice to see too, but the world is also flooded with beautiful organic jewelry without the "brand name". I hope we get to see all kinds of it.
  11. Hehe that is true. Here are my personal favourite and most wearable piece of jewelry as a man. YG malachite cufflinks

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  12. Beautiful! Malachite?
  13. Oops! I just noticed you SAID malachite. :shame:
  14. Yup, I edited my description. YG /w malachite.
  15. Hi, Molly!!! Glad to see you here!! I love the butterscotch amber VERY much too!
    The lion pendant is quite tiny (about 2,5 and 2 cm).