Selling Bags to Plato's Closet? Anyone?

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  1. I'm so glad I originally wrote this thread before taking my bags in... I'm pretty sure I saved myself a big headache!

  2. I think you saved yourself that headache and from being insulted!

    I was curious about the place as well. We have been cleaning out our closets and thought about bringing some stuff there (would rather donate to someone who needs clothes then get pennies). I see thier commercials on TV but never been. I wouldnt think about selling now but what about buying clothes. Has anyone found good clothing for good prices?
  3. I've only browsed a couple of times, while they were looking at clothes I had brought in to sell, IMO they didn't have anything, but I guess it's hit or miss. The prices were like TJ or Marshalls, where I would rather go.
  4. I took my designer items to consignement stores. The consignor will receive 40% of they item sold for. They are very friend and pleasant to deal with. I also give some clothes to niece to take Plato. I would not take Plato to myself becuase I will be too upset with the rediculous offer.

    I had some success on ebay. No luck on craigslist.... I put the brand new BCBG dress w/ tag on craiglist. Original price $390, purchasad at Neiman Marcus. I listed for $50 and this girl offered for $32. I was too upset. It must be pregnant hormone.

    I would think it's better to sell on ebay, craiglist, and consignment stores.
  5. You can try selling to online consignment places like Yoogi's Closet. I've never sold to them before but from other users' experience they are very fair in pricing.

    I've bought 1 bag from Yoogi's Closet and their customer service is excellent.
  6. I went one time with my BF and we had a bunch of really nice clothes (polo, lacoste, seve n jeans, etc..) one of the polo shirts had a tag on it because it was brand new. the tag said 50$ and the offered us 2$ LOL. We walked out right then :roflmfao: