Selling Bags to Plato's Closet? Anyone?

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  1. Alrighty, I did a search but only found threads about selling clothes to Plato's Closet or finding some hidden treasures... please point me in the right direction if I missed a thread about bags!

    Have any of you sold bags to them? How much do they offer you?
  2. From what I've experienced, they barely give you anything.
  3. They offer you way low. If you have anything of value, take it to designer consignment or similar.
  4. I have some bags that I plan on taking this week. Nothing spectacular, just a few cheap bags. I will let you know what I get.
  5. ^^ Thanks sweetwon and everyone else that posted. I was hoping to not have to do the ebay/bonanzle/etc thing but they are all authentic designer bags and I won't even bother if it's way low. I am selling for the space AND the money; not just to clear things out... if that were the case I'd just donate to friends/family/charity.

    I do look forward to your update though sweetwon! Pasdedeux... we don't have anything like that near me... I'll just sell online I guess! Thanks!
  6. From what I was told, they offer you 30% of what they think they can sell it for. I promptly walked out upon hearing that. It's not worth it unless you're in dire need of $.
  7. I, too, have been told that they basically offer you an insulting low price for your bags. I wouldn't bother IMO.
  8. it depends. If a bag is from a brand that sells well, they will give you more. I got very little for my Guess bags but for my K. Zeeland bag I got the same price I paid at the store. I bought it on clearance for $17 and got the same amount for it back at Plato's.
  9. I've gone in to Plato's a few times and never found anything that appealing. There was one designer purse but it was old and ugly, everything else was Kathy bags, Guess or no names. I did see a coach ipod holder for ten bucks, didn't get it cause I don't have an ipod. LoL

    Shoes on the other hand they had plenty off. I snagged a pair of brown suede coach heels for $9.
  10. Hey, TK.....ther must be a really neat consignment shop nere you least they will offer at least 50% of what they get for your stuff, most generally.
  11. On that note: I did see a story on the news last year about a woman who caught her daughter stealing things out of her closet and then selling it to Plato's for money, and apparently since they buy mostly teenager type items that teenagers are allows to sell stuff no questions asked. She said quiet a few items (handbags, shoes, etc) disappeared and when she tried to get them back they gave her the runaround or the stuff was already gone.
  12. There might be if I travelled to a bigger town but most people carry fakes here so I don't know how much of a demand there is to pay even 50% of what a real bag costs. I will be better off selling online; it's just more of a hassle. I know some of my things should sell for $150-$250 and that's perfectly acceptable to me; $10 is not!
  13. I think it depends on what your selling. I attempted selling Coach handbags and they offered me 10% of the bag cost, and these were nice handbags, well kept etc. I did much better on craigslist, but then theres the safety factor of meeting complete strangers in public. Goodluck on unloading your handbags!
  14. I know, I know I'm raising a thread from the dead... but, I had to!!

    That place is such a joke! I've finally parted ways with some of my Coach bags and decided to take them in with some clothes, why not? What the *bleep* ever! 3 Coach bags, 2 pairs of Sevens, some shirts and they offered me around $40?? Are they for real?! 30% of what they can sell it for? They must be joking, I saw a whole rack of Seven jeans for over $100... USED. :censor: (not to mention the disgusting fake coach bag with tears and dirt, ticket price: $30 :roflmfao:)

    And talk about RUDE employees, I thought I was in Walmart!

    I've been in before to "sell" but never anything nice, I should've known better. Ebay or consignment it is!

    *vent over* thanks for reading lol
  15. Jaelle, I had the same experience at Plato's Closet that you did. Talk about rude- those people treat you like you are scum. And then they offer you pennies for your items. A lot of my items were NWT and they still acted as if I was giving them junk. I would never go back there again!!