Second thoughts on nano speedy

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  1. Since you already have it and you have FOMO my suggestion would be to try it out. This is not a bag that is very special to look at or the color of it is very special, it’s just a really small cute bag. So you may not love it until you’ve used it. It might be underwhelming because of its size but sometimes we don’t love a bag until we’ve used it and had time to bond with it. To eliminate the FOMO I’d say give it a go and get it out of your system before you give up on it.
    For what it’s worth it may be a small bag but it holds a lot for the times when we want to be little more light weight and carefree, like in the summer time.
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  2. ^ ITA
  3. if you're not head over heels for it, it's not because it's a bad bag it's just not the bag for you. I have been so excited for a bag to show up and then when I open the box I am like :frown: blah. There is just nothing there. It's like I am holding a rock. I return those items NO hesitation. I don't care if there is a line of 1000 other people who want it. I don't.
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  4. Yeah, there are definitely hypes everywhere created for any bag. And the moment you get it, you realize it's not really you, or you were underwhelmed. The important thing about shopping, is shopping for yourself. Don't worry about what "everyone else is getting". You buy what suits your lifestyle.
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    The nano holds more for sure, but the handles seem shorter to me than the HL. I'll add some pics when I get home if you'd like.
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