Second thoughts on nano speedy

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  1. I know this sounds completely cray since everyone is totally lusting for this bag, but I'm having second thoughts. I was on the waiting list for a couple of months, but now that I have it I'm like meh. I guess maybe it was the thrill of the chase? I already have the mini hl speedy, so I'm not sure it makes sense to keep both. But then I have this FOMO...:-s

    Is it crazy to get rid of this very hard to find bag? Anyone else return or sell their nano speedy? If so, why? Does anyone know if the speedy BB will come out in plain monogram?
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  2. I want this bag but at the same time I don't, because I have short torso and since the strap is nonadjustable, I just have a feeling that it'll hit me at an unflattering/awkward length.
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  3. Your feelings are completely normal. I feel like that when I want something then have waited for so long, then when you finally get it you lose interest. If you already have the mini hl then I wouldn’t keep the nano. They are both very similar if you know what I mean. I have the nano turenne and love it but I would buy a nano speedy or noe as to me they are very similar purpose wise. As for the speedy bb I don’t know if it will come in a plain one. That is anyone’s guess. Good luck with your decision. Don’t keep it for FOMO as you won’t use it and will regret it. I regret sell it return it (if within 30 days) and buy something else you will get good use out of. Have fun with your decision!
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  4. Yeah that is part of it. It hits a little high.
  5. Thank you! I just missed the return window and as crazy as it sounds I would just be too embarrassed to return it even if I had time. I was on the waiting list for months, I even called to check on my status! I guess I have to just keep thinking about whether or not to keep it. It's already been a month and I only took it out twice to look at it. It's not like I was lusting over it and looking at it everyday. The same thing happened with speedy b 30 giant monogram bag. I ended up selling it to fashiophile.

    Maybe I'm like a guy...once the chase is over I lose interest. :lol:
  6. I bought this bag when the nano wave first came out and sold it a couple months later. The non-adjustable strap drove me insane and I just thought the look was very underwhelming. So no, you're not the only one and you’re not crazy for not liking something that’s popular.
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  7. Omg, Underwhelming is the perfect word!
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  8. I got this when it originally released in 2015. I sold it 2 years later as the non-adjustable strap annoyed me. As cute as it is and my obsession with nano bags, don’t really miss it. My speedy bb should be here soon and more excited for the adjustable strap and size.
    If you are meh, sell it. No point holding onto something for the thrill.
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  9. i bought one and returned it the second i opened it. because it's so small, it actually felt somewhat cheap to me. idk if that makes sense. i also don't like the non-detachable strap.

    tbh, when it first came out, i didn't even give it a thought and then the hype of stalking made me want it, but after giving myself some rational realistic thoughts, i don't think it's practical because of the strap issue

    i heard that the speedy bb in plain mono is coming out later this year after the LoL speedy bb collab, and in foxylv's Q&A, she said be on the lookout for it.
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  10. You don't have to tell yourself that you love it because everyone else does. If you're not into it, you're not into it. Buy something that makes your heart sing.
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  11. I think this was popular before when everything tiny looks cute, then it became very elusive which adds to its popularity. To me, I’m not drawn to it then and even more now as there are plenty of other tiny bags to choose from that are more timeless and well made.
    If you’re past the return time frame, may I suggest you take it out and use it for a bit, you may fall in love with it... or not, then sell it.
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  12. I'm afraid that it'll hit me at my thigh because I'm also on the petite side, but I can't even try it on because it's so elusive at the moment. :smile:
    I guess ultimately it comes down to how well it'll suit your lifestyle. Personally, I use a iphone pro max and from all the review videos I've seen on YouTube, that leaves very little room for me to put anything else into the nano speedy beside a key holder and pocket organizer. But it's sooo cute :sad:
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  13. Oh I didn't know the bb had an adjustable strap.
    I totally understand what you mean. Oh glad to hear a plain bb is in the works. Oh if it had black trim I would be elated!
    True, true, It's at FOMO. But I'm not missing anything if it's not for me.
    This is a good idea. Even if it's gently used I could probably get all my money back if I sell it and keep it nice.
    I have the 6s, lol, I'm soo old school. I want to get the 11.

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. I guess I will keep it for just a bit longer, maybe wear it around the house a few more times and then probably release it. :smile:
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  14. Return or sell it if you don't love it. It'll never be practical.
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  15. @calipursegal , How does the size of the mini HL compare to the nano ?