School money to spend!

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  1. Well since I aced ALL of my finals for school and I'm now done for the summer.. my parents told me i could use my AmEx to order whatever I wanted, well of course it will be LV... but what do i want? Any suggestions?

    Note: 17 year old guy
  2. Well i see that your wishlist says that you want a Saleya Gm so why dont you go for one of those.
  3. Wow, congrats! Not too familar with the male stuff, but maybe an agenda, wallet & messenger type bag? I've heard LV has cute messengers! I'm not much help.:tdown: sorry! lol.
    I'll look to see if anything catches my eye!
  4. I can't believe I didn't think of this before- a keepall! well, I mean, if you like keepalls! ;)
  5. something from the soana line.... :drool:
  6. i have a keepall, but thanks! I think i am considering the saleya, i'm just not so sure of its masculinity
  7. I wouldn't do a Saleya for a guy... I would do the MC black keepall soooo sweet!
  8. not too sure about the saleya for a guy...
    how about the bastille? the messenger.. it looks very manly to me
  9. I'm open to anything... except Monogram(sorry!)
  10. I love the Azur messenger-style bag that's out...(can't remember its name).

    How about something from the LV Cup range? *drools* Ooo or SHOES! :yes:
  11. Unless you're a cross dresser, I wouldn't go with Saleya or French Purse.
  12. Congrats on the exam! How about:
    1. Tobago Shoe Bag - the shoe compartment thing is removable.
    2. Damier Ebony Bastille or Olav PM
    3. Damier Geant Couguar
  13. I have the navaglio in just plain damier and I do like it ...the one in azur really looks hot to me ....I just got an alexei which is my new favorite...I also have the DG messenger and a MG messenger. I love the Utah messenger too ...unfortunately the entire Utah line of bags has a lot of buckles and I dont really like them for ease of use. You might want to look into the new Epi line that just came out june 1st for men ...they have a satchel type bag in it thats really manly and without seeming girly. It was really sophisticated looking but I wanted something with a strap...I will definitely consider it for my next purchase perhaps...
  14. I carry around the LV Cup Artimon as my daily school bag at college. It is a decent bag, especially for summer, but for fall I was thinking of the Utah Omaha in Coffee. But I generally like things that do not scream LV (like the monogram). Though, the wife said I looked nice holding her neverful while she was trying on clothes. Anyways, either of these would make a nice messenger style bag.
  15. Go for the Couguar in Terre, it's so beautiful !!!

    An other 17 old guy... lol