Saint Laurent vs Hermes face off

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Which would you choose for summer sandals?

  1. Saint Laurent Watersnake Black Tribute flat Sandals

    13 vote(s)
  2. Hermes Oran in Black Leather

    17 vote(s)

  1. I don’t know this for sure, but I suspect that a fancier version of an Oran is likely pricier than the YSL. Not really comparing apples to apples when comparing exotic skin to plain leather...
  2. I don't have either pair, but I like the YSL one. I agree with you, it shows too much toes and if I could avoid that, I would. I think the YSL one is prettier and would look better with the outfits you mentioned. I also like that it's not glaringly obvious like the "H" in the Orlan.
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  3. The SL look dressier, so they might be more versatile for a day to night ensemble switch. Are they comfy? If you are going to be seeing the sights, then comfort is also an important factor. I haven't tried either pair as I'm not a sandals girl.
  4. Keep/buy the ones YOU like best, not the ones your friends or we pick...
    I think the YSL is more chic for a wedding because it’s an exotic and I wouldn’t wear a big logo for the occasion either, but that’s just me.
    And mind you, I own a pair of the Oran with the small block heel (whatever it’s called). Also, I don’t find them that comfortable. Maybe the leather ones are, but mine are like an Epsom patent leather and they’re not.
  5. I'm a big H fan but for shoes - YSL all the way!!! I think the H oran are a tad boring - the YSL seem dressier and look nicer. I find YSL shoes to be very comfortable (not the case with H).
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  6. I hear many people complain that the oran is not comfortable. I have tried them on and decided against them -- I won't buy a shoe/sandal that isn't instantly comfortable and needs "breaking in."
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  7. Those SL are gorgeous, and look like they hug the foot more than the Orans. The design of the Orans doesn't make much sense imo, and if you have narrow feet like me, they are a big no.
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