Saint Laurent vs Hermes face off

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Which would you choose for summer sandals?

  1. Saint Laurent Watersnake Black Tribute flat Sandals

    13 vote(s)
  2. Hermes Oran in Black Leather

    17 vote(s)
  1. Hi All,
    I'm prepping for a few destination weddings I'll be attending next month in Dubai and South Africa so a nice pair of flat sandals is a must during the daytime heat when we are lunching or seeing the sights.

    I have bought the exotic skin Saint laurent watersnake tribute flat sandals but my girl friends demanded to know why did I spent so much on Saint Laurent sandals that I should have just bought the Hermes Oran in plain black leather which is cheaper and more iconic....

    Now I'm in two minds! I like both pairs of Sandals but I bought the Saint Laurent pair as the Hermes Oran seem to be everywhere and replicated but now I have just seen a knock version of the Saint Laurent tribute flat sandals in Primark and Zara. So both styles are being copied.

    So having said that I need your guidance as too which pair you would pick out of the Saint Laurent Watersnake flat sandals or Hemes Oran in plain black leather and why?

    HERMES oran-sandal.jpg HERMES oran-sandal.jpg hermes-h-sandals-black-640x932.jpg ysl sandals.jpg YSL Sandals 1.jpg ysl sandals 2.jpg
  2. The SL are much prettier. Brand isn't everything...
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  3. I prefer the Oran sandals but I would get them without the contrast stitching.
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  4. The SL read a bit dressier because of the shiny skin and gathered knot. Depends on whether you want a more casual or a dressier flat sandal. Good luck deciding.
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  5. I agree the SL is prettier, the Oran is just better known, like wearing the big H belt buckle so it advertises you're wearing the great Hermes. The Oran is nice for lounging by the pool, the SL is nicer for a dressier look. I have to chuckle at the mention of "but the Hermes is cheaper" comment. We could all find tens of thousands of pairs that "are cheaper". In some people's world Gucci is horrifically inferior to Hermes. Oh the humanity!
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  6. The SL for sure. So chic!
  7. Definitely prefer the SLs in this case.
  8. Definitely go with Oran.
  9. I want to know myself .I have the Oran sandals in white and i DESPISE THEM.Omg .flat,uncomfortable& no support .The front straps are worse .So anybody who has both to compare ?I want to get those black YSL ones though
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  10. The SL looks more dressier. The Oran looks more casual.
    It really depends on your outfit and what exactly will you do.
    If you will spend the whole day walking around sightseeing, I won't wear any of these shoes because the sole is too hard and without much support. If it's only for the evening dinner, definitely the SL!
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  11. Thanks all for your comments and guidance.

    I think the Hermes Oran's expose more of your toes than the Saint Laurent Tribute Flats which for me is a bit off a turn- off (I'm not a fan of too much toes on show especially mine! :doh:lol) so as it stands I am leaning a little towards the SL's but then I see some great outfits with Oran's and I'm back to square numero uno! If anyone has both sandals please share your personal preference and why?
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  12. I have neither but am in the YSL camp. They’re prettier.
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  13. Good point regarding it depending on the outfit. Plan is to wear the sandals with floaty summer dresses, Maxi dresses, Palazzo pants, denim shorts and even jeans during lunch, at bbq's and shopping trips in the malls. I have bottega Veneta sandals which I love and tend to style like this with dresses:
    BV sandals look.jpg
    and I want something along the same lines that looks good for daytime chic and casual evenings out in the heat.
  14. Good Point regarding the casual-ness of Oran's and dressier look of the SL's.

    I think my girlfriends can't fathom paying more money for a luxury item unless it's Hermes. I'm more of a if it looks good I'll take it regardless if its Gucci, LV, Chanel or even Zara! The SL's were £600 (due to the exotic skin) and the plain leather Oran's are £490 so to my ladies they would rather have Hermes over SL for anything due to their admiration of the Hermes brand. However, I did tell them we are looking at shoes, not handbags so their general rule may not be applicable in this case I guess.
  15. I am a die hard H person and I am crazy about Oran sandals, but I can’t wear them because my feet are too narrow. ☹️ That said, as between the two, I would go with the YSL. I think the YSL would look better with each outfit that you mentioned, except for the denim shorts. Also bring your BV sandals (which are more casual) and wear those with shorts and some of your other outfits.

    Let us know what you decide and have fun!!
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