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Oct 3, 2012
Your information is wrong, this is a copy of a brooch owned by Queen Elizabeth II, bequeathed to her by Queen Mary.

The original -

The copy, as shown in your post - - scroll to the bottom

uffffff i am sorry .there's been mix up
the brooch and another picture of the necklace is from a Indian jewelry house
i don't delete the pictures otherwise i would've deleted it
gold brooch with diamonds on it worn by HRH Raja Perempuan of Kelantan, Malaysia has been specially designed. it can be split into two whether to use long or short. what is interesting is it can be used as TIARA too!

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Mar 28, 2008
I'd love to share some photos and information of Wallis, the Duchess of Windsor's jewels. Edward gave her some amazing pieces of jewelry.

The first two photos are from an article from the Van Cleef & Arpels website. The photos were accompanied by the following text:

"This Jarretière bracelet, made up of facetted sapphires and baguette and round diamonds, is one of the most beautiful pieces given to the Duchess by the Duke. Ordered by the Duke during their few months apart in the winter of 1936, it was given to the Duchess as a gift to commemorate their French civil marriage, celebrated on May 18, 1937. It is engraved with the words "For our contract 18.V.37".

This Eventail clip was created in 1935 and was worn by the Duchess of Windsor for her wedding to Edward VIII on June 3rd 1937, at the Château Candé in France."

I have also posted some photos where she is wearing the bracelet, including the wedding, but unfortunately they are not very high quality. I wish I could find some pictures of her where the bracelet is better visible!

That Edward sure knew how to pick out a gift! I forget where I read it, but someone once described this bracelet as "the wedding gift to end all wedding gifts." haha!
Hi, just came across this post. Gorgeous photos. Do you know if Wallis Simpson ever wore the Evantail brooch any other time? I had a hard time finding a good photo of that brooch. I'm in the process of making a Wallis Simpson Bridal Doll. She will be wearing her wedding outfit, gloves, hat, and jewelry. I already made the cross bracelet, her earrings, and working on her sapphire bracelet. But that brooch is giving me a hard time. Thanks!