Rolex lady datejust vs Patek twenty~4

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  1. Thanks!! Yes, I think its different. Im setting an appt to try them all at once and decide! But all your comments (particularly the quartz part) have been super helpful! I am curious how much I will like the JLC compared to the other ones!
  2. How about both!
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  3. 5649095A-8E06-4D60-969A-310B4BFC37F6.jpeg 1B9E64C9-85BC-4A55-8F9E-0D50C413F312.jpeg 90A8D4C3-79AE-4D19-8A45-266FA1EA0ABB.jpeg 446D0619-5109-482D-AA0F-FAF7B478A347.jpeg Hello everyone,

    Once again thanks for your help and suggestions! I finally tried every single watch I wanted and more! I tried the new Patek, which i hoped I would love but didn’t. Tried multiple JLC, Vacheron, other Pateks, and Oyster perpetual lady datejust amongst others, but ended up really loving the twenty~4 quartz with white dial ( I also tried every single dial color!! ) I know, I know, the whole quartz thing really bothered me, but even so, the style of that watch was the one that I really loved even after doubling my budget in case I would’ve liked the new model or other. So, I’m very happy with my purchase and wore the minute I bought it! I added a few shots of the other wonderful pieces I tried on. Maybe in the future I’ll get those too like Gourmetgal suggested! Thanks again!
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  4. Lovely choice. You cannot go wrong with that watch. I have the same one purchased as my first high end watch. Love how thin it is which is just not possible with an automatic movement.
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  5. Congratulations, Graduate! I hope you save lots of lives in the future!
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  6. I'm glad you're happy with your choice, that's the most important thing.

    I love the JLC's different from what you usually see and comes in various sizes, finishes and prices. Did you at all the other versions of the Rendez-vous or just what the store had in stock? FWIW, here is the whole selection: If I upgrade my watch for a special anniversary next year, it will be this one: I saw it in the store last month and wow.
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  7. Thanks! Yes, I tried all the sizes and versions. I loved it, I just liked the twenty~4 more.
  8. Ohhhhh!!! I love it! Congratulations on your beautiful new watch! I’m all for the Twenty 4 myself and love mine! Great you chose this one - I love the cream dial on you, it looks amazing!!!
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