Rolex lady datejust vs Patek twenty~4

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  1. Dear all,

    I’d like you opinion. I have a nonproblem problem haha! I am graduating as a cardiologist next month. My husband wants to give me a watch. But knowing me, he asked me to choose because I like to study my choices and I tend to go back and forth. We’ve seen everything and went from Cartier Ballon Bleu with diamonds to Chopard Imperiale with diamonds to Patek twenty four to Rolex ladydatejust in chocolate dial (picture attached) with diamonds. I would wear any of these for dressing up or down. I love the Datejust for being different, having the chocolate dial and the two tone but the question is, for a first luxury watch, is the Patek twenty-4 a smarter choice?

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  2. I'd pick the Patek out of the two! :smile: The even, rectangular shape makes almost pass for a dressy bracelet at more formal occasions, while it looks perfect for day time wear too!
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  3. T
    Thanks! Would you care to mix and match metals? I mean, if I wear yellow or rose gold, would you still wear the Patek?
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  4. Twenty-4 is a quartz and Datejust is an automatic movement. Consider the new round Twenty-4, that over Rolex Datejust but there’s a substantial price difference.

    The chocolate dial Datejust is amazing, perfect combination.
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  5. No way would I pick a quartz over an automatic. Between those two, the Rolex.
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  6. If you plan to wear it almost everyday the Rolex is the way to go and you’ve picked a lovely one. Is that rosegold? I think rosegold looks the best with the choc. dial. The only negative is that the Rolex is rather sporty for dressy occasions and the two tone is not as versatile as white gold or stainless. If you don’t plan to wear it as a daily watch the Rolex has to be reset if it winds down between wearing. The Patek is an awesome watch, too. A little dressier, more unusual and better quality, even though it is quartz. Even in stainless it will mix better with other metals than the Rolex. Do consider the new round automatic 24 if you can find one.
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  7. Yes, that wouldn't bother me any more than the mixed metals on the Rolex! I can't see whether the Rolex is YG or RG but I think the Patek would go better with both, whichever you would prefer at the moment, while you would be more limited to only use either one (the color of the Rolex) if you chose the Rolex, as you would otherwise wear three different gold colours at once. Nothing wrong with that but I would prefer to stick to a maximum of two. :smile:
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  8. I prefer the automatic Rolex over a quartz movement. I wear a lot of yellow gold jewelry but my watch is a 35mm yachtmaster. I wear that with jeans and a t-shirt or a suit.
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  9. Rolex and automatic will be my preferred
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  10. Voting for Rolex too. Anything quartz is a big no no for me after my AP cranked up on me big time and repair cost was astronomical!
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  11. Thanks everyone!

    I am also a bit bothered by the quartz on the PP, BUT do love the style. I will try on the new 24s (I like the rose gold with white or chocolate dial). It is on a bigger side and I have been downsizing over the last few years. But if I love it, I might just make a good investment for an automatic PP that I can use for everything or will revisit an automatic Rolex. Thanks again!!!
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  12. I have both - Patek Twenty 4 Quarz with grey dial and Rolex 36mm, Oyster, silver diamond dial.
    If I would have to choose one then I would pick the Patek - because it is so much slimmer and for me so much more comfortable to wear. Also I like the Quarz movement as it is so carefree, it always annoys me to set my Rolex after two days of not wearing it, like after weekends for example. But I know there are watchwinders for that „problem“

    I had a close look at the new twenty 4 automatic, but it’s just way too overpriced and does not really speak to me.

    The regular Patek is such a beautiful and classy watch, I just love it!

    Good luck with your exciting choice!

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  13. Thanks so much!! Ahhh I love how your PP looks on you!! and I see what you mean with the new twenty~4. I think it will feel too big on me.

    I did try this JLC... I think I loved it! I’ll wait to try the PP and this one to finally make up my mind! I feel like a child! Haha Let me know your thoughts on this one! Thanks :smile:

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  14. I agree I'd go with Rolex. I know I'm in the minority but for everyday wear - seeing patients - I think a Rolex without the diamonds might be better. I do like the chocolate dial.
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  15. Patek prices for a quartz movement? Never ever.

    That Rolex is beautiful with that dial.
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