Rick Owens Lovers Thread

  1. Re: the classic wedge boots, I have a pair and find them really easy to wear and very comfortable. I'm not a high heel person at all; my Rick wedges are the highest shoes I own but I find them really easy to walk in. I don't walk a ton on an everyday basis (my city is all driving all the time, blah) so I can't say how they'd feel after, say, a day walking around NYC but I do find them comfy and lighter than they look. I don't wear them enough but I think that's because I like them best with dresses and it's been too cold for dresses lately.

    As for washing leather jackets, just reading that gives me the heebie-jeebies. I am getting to the point of needing to take mine to the cleaners and I am terrified!
  2. My Rick Owens wedges have held up really well. I don't wear them on an everyday basis but I swear these boots will never deconstruct themselves. They have kept their shape throughout it all, a few scuffs to show what they've been through but overall a great wedge. Mine are high, but what I love about them most is that the wedge blends in perfectly with the actually shoe. The division isn't obnoxious like other wedges where the wedge and 'shoe' looked glued like this: https://www.google.com/search?q=wedge+shoes&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&client=safari&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=O8Y6UcbOC-aNyAGUwIDICQ&biw=768&bih=900&sei=Q8Y6UYvCJ4moyAHOu4Fo#biv=i%7C37%3Bd%7ClxciNL5osei7oM%3A

    I even see high end brands do this and it looks so ridiculous in my opinion whereas Rick doesn't :smile:: https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&client=safari&biw=768&bih=900&tbm=isch&sa=1&q=rick+owens+wedge+metallic&oq=rick+owens+wedge+metallic&gs_l=img.3...28285.31424.0.31636.

    Overall they are comfortable. A definite go to if I am trying to look understated, chic, and comfortable. I am sure you will enjoy yours.
  3. All the different leather types/codes is a little overwhelming. Which is going to be the thinnest and lightest?
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  4. jouissant and scoreee
    thanks SO much for chiming in and sharing your opinions. I'll need to play around with them, try on different outfits to get a better understanding of how they will work in my wardrobe. I can see that they will be almost indestructible, considering that they are kangaroo leather (if our coding reference is indeed correct).

    You know, I never really "thought" about the design of these wedges and their attributes. You have a keen eye for design. The links you provided were VERY helpful.

    Thanks again :biggrin:
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  5. IMO, I believe what you'll want is LB. Blistered lamb.
    BUT, be sure to know that some are fans, others not since it can be the least leather-like in feel, smell, and look. Every jacket is different.
    Good luck and hope this helps.
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  6. It does. I live in a warm (okay, boiling hot) climate and am hoping that the LB is thin and light enough to almost act like a cardigan, not a jacket. Do you think it would fit the bill? (I appreciate the words of advice about it not feeling/smelling like traditional leather; I already have one standard leather RO jacket which I love but it gets so little wear.)
  7. i agree that blistered lamb would be the lightest, try going for a SS collection jacket as they are usually thinner/lighter.
  8. Here is my experience with the leather codes below in case they offer any insight or assistance to other RO lovers. This is only my experience, others may have different ones.

    LB: blistered lamb Rougher textured blistered leather. Very very drapey with varying degrees of softness and texture often with some glimmer to the leather when it hits the light due to the texture.Summer weight of this leather is usually very light and drapey. Winter weight can be thicker and more substantial.

    LBO: box/-ed calf
    LC: washed lamb (not confirmed) The softest most drapey blistered/crushed lambskin. Smoother texture than LB but definitely feels crushed and highly distressed to a fine soft version of LB
    LF: fading/-ed (gradient) lamb
    LG: full grain lamb (not confirmed?) Full grain distressed but not blistered lambskin with alot of graining and texture to the thick leather (no texture peeling away or broken). "chewy" leather would be my best description.
    LG: washed lamb (not confirmed)
    LK: kangaroo
    LKG: kangaroo (washed / full grain ?)
    LM: metallic calf I had a metallic lamb with this code but oddly, had a lamb and shearling jacket with this code as well :shrugs:
    LO: oiled calf
    LP: hammered lamb
    LS: silky lamb- Super smooth fine grain lamb. No notable texture.
    LSH: shearling lamb

    LR: 'regular' lamb?
    LNB: some sort of blistered (combined with fabric)?

    LZ: ?
    LV: vegetable dyed lamb ? Very similar to LS IMO. Very smooth and supple with little to no texture.
    LGAO - 'giove lamb' / oiled calf ?
    COM: from archives it looks like a two-tone blistered treatmet (combined with fabric) ?

    LCE- washed lamb metallic/pearlized?

    Maybe some will find it useful

    Also, I have had zippers reading RY or Raccagni Italy on my jackets only. All read Olma and Mirta on the tags in some way. Occassionally different seasons have had slightly different looking font size on the tag in my opinion...
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    I have a black LB that I would describe as light to medium weight, but the lightest I've ever seen were actually an LV from Anthem SS11 and an LP from Naska SS12; they were both very thin, sort of like paperweight leather. The SS11 LV was soft and smooth; the SS12 LP was soft but dry-ish (it was described as "washed blistered" leather in the description from where I purchased it). I also found these two jackets to have shorter sleeves compared to other two I own, by about a good two inches. (This was a serious downside for me as I'm 5'11".) They also seemed to run a bit smaller and shorter in general. (I could put 40 in the SS11 LV on, but it was way too tight in the shoulders to move much. The SS12 LP in 42 was still slightly tight in the shoulders, especially when zipped up. Both were shorter in length than my LB, which I love the fit of.)

    As a side note: I found the LP leather on the SS12 interesting since I have a slightly older LP jacket in Dark Shadow (this particular shade is like a dark brown), that is a thicker abd has much more substantial leather (much like the hammered lamb description I've come across reading this forum). I'm not sure on the season of that one, however, but the style code is RP 4713 if anyone is able to tell me! The LB I have is from SS12, I believe, since the code on the tag is RP 3708 like the SS12 LP, although as I mentioned above, the fit is quite different.

    Hopefully this will help you, or anyone else that has to buy online. I bought the Dark Shadow first, and must have just lucked out when it arrived and fit perfectly and the leather was just what I wanted. When I decided I wanted a black one, it took me three tries and several headaches trying to learn about and sort out the different leather codes and seasonal differences (fit, leather, color, etc.). At first I didn't know to ask about these things, so I could have saved a lot of time and money. There really should be some sort of comprehensive database! Especially since websites aren't always obvious about the season/type of leather. I've noticed Barney's and NAP to be particularly guilty of this. In the end though, I couldn't be happier with my black LB, so I suppose it was worth it. Here are some images, too; I had a hard time finding stuff like this in searches!

    Okay...well I will post pictures separately. This is my first post and I'm kind of confused about the attachment feature!
  10. Here are the photos promised in my previous post:

    #1 Anthem SS11 Jacket. Leather code: LV. Style code: RP 8708. Color: Black.
    photo 2.jpg photo 3.jpg photo 1.jpg
  11. #2 Naska SS12 Jacket. Leather code: LP. Style code: RP 3708. Color: Black.
    photo 2.jpg photo 3.jpg photo 1.jpg
  12. #3 Naska SS12 Jacket (?). Leather code: LB. Style code: RP 3708. Color: Black.
    photo 2.jpg photo 4.jpg photo 1.jpg
  13. #4 Season ? (if you have any idea, I would love to know!). Leather code: LP. Style code: RP 4713. Color: Dark Shadow.
    photo 2.jpg photo 3.jpg photo 1.jpg
  14. amazing collection of great jackets!
  15. Agreed! RO porn!