Reveal: HAC40 Special Order!


May 9, 2008
Congratulations it’s classic and I love all the details. :love:
Oh that is soooooo beautiful :loveeyes: Gorgeous! Congratulations!!
Congratulations on the beautiful bag!! The wait was worth it.
Gorgeous! So glad you got it.
Wonderful :woot:

Congratulations on such a classic stunner
Beautiful! Congrats!
Now this is a very special, SO! Congratulations!
Congratulations!! very special indeed!!
What a stunner - really beautiful. That leather is perfection. Congratulations.
Beautiful bag. Have never owned a HAC but have always loved its proportions. Congratulations.
Congratulations on this gorgeous bag!!!
Beautiful bag! My DH has a similar one. Love an HAC.
Oh my the leather is simply gorgeous. Congrats
Perfection! And those veins are wonderful!!!
Absolutely stunning- nothing like a black bag with PWH ( and brushed!!) Congrats!
thank you all.
my SM was a bit surprised when I chose black for my first SO; he was trying to push me to choose a colour instead - regardless, I went ahead as I'd wanted a colour I wouldn't tire of in the years to come. when the bag arrived and we unboxed it together, he himself was gushing over its simplicity and beauty, so there you go! always trust your gut.

I haven't seen many SO HAC40s around - from what I know, HACs have been removed from the SO list since 2020
I look forward to the day that @jd5237 receives his - ours would be fraternal twins! :biggrin:


Jul 24, 2012
thanks all! veined togo is hit and miss and I know many who dislike it; I on the other hand, had requested as much veining as possible at the time my SM placed the order - and I was very happy to see that they came through!
Congrats on your beautiful bag! I also have a HAC in black togo (with standard PHW) but it's practically free from veins. It could almost be mistaken for clemence if it wasn't for the tighter grain and slight stiffness.
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Dec 29, 2012
In May 2019, I placed a special order for an HAC 40cm. In that SO cycle, HACs could only be ordered in single colours, without contrasted stitching and interior linings - I did not mind, as I wanted to keep it classic.

Yesterday, almost exactly 1.5 years to the date, my SM texted me to head down to the store. I am fortunate that covid is under control in my country and so, I made my way to Hermès as quickly as I could.

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The box, fresh off the delivery truck, was gigantic!! The first peek at what was contained within.

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Voila! My HAC40 in black togo with brushed palladium hardware. The simplest things are sometimes the most breathtaking.

Thanks for letting me share !
Beautiful!! Congrats!