Retin A is craaaaazy...Peeling, redness solutions

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    Isn't it prescription? Maybe talk to your dermatologist about it? My derm has me on tretinoin and when it caused some redness for me, he called in a prescription for a less potent version. I was given very specific instructions for application. The other really important thing was to use it at night only and wash it off before the sun touches your face. I guess it reacts in sunlight.
    I've never experienced the peeling you're talking about.
  2. Should you not use this if you're planning to have children,

  3. Probably better to avoid it, especially pre conceptually and in the first trimester. Plus pregnancy may improve your complexion!
  4. Curious if you should see some redness or peeling? I started on a %.025 tretinoin and use it every other night for a week plus now. I have had no reaction other than skin being a bit dry but no irritation redness or peeling. Does that mean I need a stronger cream?
  5. No, you are fine. You don't want to see peeling or redness, that usually means you are using too much or using it too often. Your skin is handling the tretinoin well so continue on as you have been. Some time in the future you might want to increase to the 0.05 or 0.1 but let your skin get used to it first.
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  6. Thanks so much for responding, I wasn’t sure if it was supposed to “irritate” to work. I am thinking of staying on this dose for at least 6 months before bumping up to make sure my skin is acclimated well. Appreciate the input!
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  7. I've heard of hyaluronic acid peel, haven't tried it tho but have seen quite lot positive reviews
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