Reseller Inventory....yikes!

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  1. I agree. And also auction houses do buy outright inventory, in addition to doing consignment auctions.
  2. Only auction houses with a retail side, which is not typical.
  3. Does Heritage Auctions have a retail side? I called them about a bag that did not suit me, and they said we will buy it for $X today, OR you can auction at our next event.
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    Except for coins, for which they describe themselves as dealers and auctioneers, they carry almost no inventory (see "Site"). They do carry Hermes.

    I was trying to say simply that resellers are not analogous to auction houses except in the unusual instance of having retail.

    I agree, though, that resellers are in business like anyone else, and if their activities are legal, what can you say, really.
  5. some people do buy from Lady Hermezz and have had good experiences, but they don't always act professionally. in fact, they have stolen photos for their listings from TPF members, which proves not only do they not have the bags in their inventory, they haven't even seen them in person a lot of the time. They just post whatever photo the 'seller' sends to them. There is no expectation with them that they actually possess any of those bags.
  6. Maybe the seller worked out a drop shipping arrangement with Hermes. ;):lol::P:upsidedown:
  7. NO. And they won't tell you anyway. ;)
  8. Stolen photos... Hm...Do you know that for a fact ?
  9. :roflmfao:

    Good one!
  10. 100%, for a fact.
  11. Yes, I have also witnessed LadyHermezz stealing photos from a mebmber. It happened more than once, so definately not a "one-time thing! I wont be buying from LadyHermezz for this reason.
  12. This thread has veered far off the original topic, which was the volume of bags that resellers seem to have access to.

    Please feel free to post your actual experiences with a seller - but please don't post conjecture or speculation. It just isn't fair.

    If people cannot stick to the topic, this thread will be closed. You can, of course, comment on your experiences with resellers in the thread for this purpose.

  13. Heritage will pay you cash immediately but it will likely be less than you would get if you wait to put it up for auction. They're in the business to make money.
  14. Many resellers do not actually have all merchandise listed in their possession. You often see the same bag listed for sale by various resellers. Not uncommon.

    Only problem is you do not know the condition of the bag until you get it because it has been in someone else's hands. The owner may in fact still be using the bag until it sells. It never hurts to ask if they actually have a bag in their possession that you're interested in buying.

    Of course that doesn't mean they'll always tell you the truth. It's become a very cut throat business.
  15. you are write, how could it be that all bags go to his warehouse....