Replacement lock and key?

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  1. If the hardware of the strap drop off.. shall I go back to where I purchased or to MK boutique directly? :smile: will they replace for free?
  2. Depends how old the bag is. I think they only have a one year warranty. I always take mine to my local shoe maker for repairs. Many of them do handbags too, not all, but quite a few. You have to call around to your local shoe repair places and ask if they do bags as well. It's practically the same kind of repair since they are made of leather, buckles, zippers , etc, so they have all the tools. That is why many of them do handbags as well.
  3. Actually its the hook of the long messenger strap that somehow fell apart.. I doubt shoe maker can repair them?
  4. If they do handbags, they can and do. They fix straps , zippers. They know where to order all of that hardware, but only if they do bags as well. My shoe repair man repairs Michael Kors, Coach, Louis, Dooney and many designer bags. They know where to get those clips. In fact, you can order those clips on ebay and fix it yourself. They are just not engraved. Like I said, you have to call and ask if they do handbags as well as shoes. Many of them do. Here is one of hundreds of listings. Is this what you are talking about??
  5. Yup! Thanks for the inputs. Will consider the option to change the clips just that not engraved.. I will try MK store first if they can get me the authentic engraved clips..
  6. Hi ladies! Did anyone had lucky to find a place online that sells MK key and lock? I need it for my small pink Kirby that I just got yesterday (second hand so no warranty)! I emailed MK but they said they cant sell it when is out of warranty! Pls
    Let me know! My key got stuck in the lock and trying to take it, made it broke! Im so mad! Thanks