Replacement lock and key?

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  1. Has anyone ever ordered a replacement lock and key? If so, how long did it take to arrive? I ordered via email mk customer service on 12/23. They said 2-3 week delivery time and I checked for updates today, still waiting for a response. I understand they are doing me a favor plus it was requested right before the holidays, just anxious for it to arrive!
  2. I've ordered a replacement lock, not key. It took almost 1 month to arrive. I'd forgotten about it before I received it.
  3. Talking about replacement, I found a Medium Jet Set East West Tote selling on EBay but the long strap is missing. Just wondering whether I can purchase the strap from MK or other places? The colour is Deep Pink and maybe hard too find, which might be another issue.
  4. Coincidentally, my lock and key came in today! Ordered this beauty on ebay for $90 but it was missing the lock. Emailed a hardware request and it came in exactly 3 weeks. So excited!!

  5. Lovely bag. :love: Where's the key?
  6. How is it possible the strap is missing?

  7. I guess that's the only down side, the key will stay inside the bag (zippered compartment) because they do not send a replacement leather piece. That makes me believe they probably do not have the extra leather strap previous poster was requesting. I'm still very happy with the purchase!
  8. Oh, good to know. I always wondered if they had the replacement leather piece for the key, but I guess not.
  9. The Ebay seller is selling the bag with defect ie long detachable strap missing or not included
  10. I doubt MK sells replacement straps, but you can inquire. I haven't seen straps sold separately on eBay, either.
  11. Good to know that, thank you once again ubo22!
    As I am in Australia and MK USA does not respond to my email, so I won't risk it.
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    I have seen MK straps sold separately on ebay. Quite a few actually, but usually only in black, brown , sometimes white. They are spendy too! Around 65 dollars! You can also buy no name brand replacement straps.

    I like to buy chain straps for my bags, because you can interchange and use them on most any of your bags. They look nice too and chain straps are very trendy right now, plus MK is known for their chain straps. You could get a nice one for about 29.00.

    Here is a link to all the MK replacement straps on ebay right now. None are pink.
  13. Here is a link to some chain straps. It really is a great alternative, and they really look nice! They charge by the length you want. There are also other listings. you just have to search 'handbag chain replacement strap'

    Here is a link to a pink LEATHER replacement strap, but it is not MK.
  14. Great idea! I would have never thought of this. :smile:
  15. It really does look awesome! I get loads of compliments on mine and my friends always want me to order them one! lol! Why can't they order it themselves??