Red or Black

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  1. I love the mandarine.. :love: But then again... Red or Black is easier to go w/most outfits....
  2. I love the mandarin, it would add the perfect splash of color to any outfit.
  3. ^^ mandarin is great.. However, what outfits do you think go well with mandarin?
  4. I love the mandarin, unless you need a blasic black evening bag.
  5. Mandarin. Love the color, good to match with jeans or all in black. :P
  6. Mandarin because of its rarity.
  7. Red .... It can be used any time of year and will go with more than the mandarin. Black is a little blah don't you think?
  8. Mandarin if your looking for a spring/summer bag. Black if you want an all season bag that goes with everything.
  9. If you don't already have a small black bag go for the red. :smile: I'd definitely choose red though hehe.
  10. You can match with more outfits if it's black or red but between black or red, red cause it stands out more and it's so gorgeous!
  11. Mandarin!!! The color is so vibrant, fun and refreshing. It really depends on whether you like to match your bags with your outfits though. Personally the lack of matchability does not bother me...a bit of orange brightens my day ;)
  12. I have the red one and I love it.
  13. i like the red one. hmmmm now i am thinking it would be great for me too for going out.
  14. Red>>>>>>>>>>
  15. manderin