Red or Black

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  1. Hey, which color of this Epi Pochette do you like the best?

    Red, Mandarin, or Black? (I don't have a pic of Black)

    I would use this bag for going out (since I don't have a small bag yet!). I like the Black because it would go with more, but Red is just so beautiful. But then there's Mandarin...
  2. I love the red epi. If you tend to wear lots of black when you go out at night, red would be the best choice.
  3. Mandarin! :love: Any Epi bag in mandarin is beautiful.
  4. red

  5. Ive seen the red epi in a couple of pics in this forum and it looked absolutely gorgeous....
  6. i like red too!
  7. Mandarin.
  8. Just for personal choice, I would choose black. But I favor black bags...
  9. Mandarin. Gorgeous, original color!
  10. Red!:nuts:
  11. Honestly, I looove the Mandarin color. It's such a fun springy color. But I think the red would go w/ more.
  12. I have the black epi pochette and though it's very useful, I would get the red if I had the choice to make over again :smile: The red is so vibrant and would be a much more outgoing choice for evening for me. The black is great, but almost any smallish black bag could serve its purpose. Go red or mandarin - such fun, bright colors!
  13. red!
  14. For the pochette, red!
  15. Black, just because it'll go with everything, and everyone needs a little black bag to go with the little black dress !