Recommendation where to purchase cartier watch

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  1. I second the opinion on Saks.

    I was looking at a Cartier watch and the SA said that she would match any discount offered by the Cartier boutique. I think it is 10%.

    Saks also has promotions where they offer triple points, a gift card, and 0% financing. If you are willing to wait, I'm sure that a promotion would take place soon.
  2. I got a discount on my Cartier Roadster from Bailey, Banks, and Biddle. I forget what it was but they price matched from something I printed from computer. It might have even been Jomashops ad. The only thing is that they did not give me the extra leather band. I believe it was supposed to come with one. I have the pink face on the stainless. It was less than a year ago. I wonder if they would give it to me. I will try to find paperwork to see what % they took off.
  3. I was also going to order an expensive watch from an online "grey market" store but after talking to DH and friends I decided against it just because I have always purchased everything from an authorized dealer and for this to be the first time it just did not sit well with me, I guess because in the back of my mind I would always have that little seed of doubt as far as it being 100% authentic or not KWIM...

    I have gotten great deals from SAKS in Miami, they carry Cartier jewelry and watches you should give them a call and don't be shy ask for that discount;)hehe
  4. BB&B gave 15% off and then an extra 3.5% off in April 2008. They matched an ad from a competitor. I called about the leather band they owed me. The SA said not all models of the roadster come with it. She said she would look it up and call me back. That was a few hours ago!
  5. I bought my Cartier from They were wonderful to deal with, and my watch is authentic with all its numbers intact. I paid no sales tax or shipping.
    I don't see the issue with "grey market" watches, as long as watch is authentic and the serial numbers are not removed.
    My local AD of Cartier watches still sends everything off to Cartier for service, it's not like they work on them in the local shop. So how in the world would Cartier know where you bought the watch and refuse to work on it? I think a lot of the b&m stores tell you this to keep you from buying on line and getting a better price.
  6. As I posted on another recent thread, I purchased my ladies Roadster from Alan Furman,, in 2007 for approx. $900 off retail with no sales tax. The watch is new, completely legit with all boxes, brochures, etc.

    The ladies model is quartz, so there's not a lot that could be wrong with it. I was (and still am) perfectly happy with this purchase. $900 bought me 3 custom straps from the Cartier boutique!