Recommendation where to purchase cartier watch

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  1. Does anyone know any 100% reputable sites that sell the tank francaise watch for a discount? ...or I can go to 5th avenue and purchase it for alot more including tax. Also do you like the two tone color or simply stainless steel?
  2. has Cartier watches. They are great to work with and they sell authentic watches. I hope they have the watch you are looking for!
  3. Here's another option:

    This was discussed a few weeks ago, and some of these discounted watches are apparently 'grey market' watches, and not sold by authorized dealers. From an article someone posted, grey market watches are ones that are bought from jewelry stores that were forced to buy more than they needed in order to place an order with the manufacturer/supplier. From what I understand, Cartier won't service grey market watches, although I'm not sure why a watch would need to be sent back to the manufacturer for servicing, as opposed to being serviced by a local jeweler. Does anyone else know the intricacies of this?

    I was looking at the Tank Francaise watch as well, and love it. However, once I saw the octagonal Santos, I think I like that even better. It's a discontinued style though, so I've been perusing ebay for a good deal on a used one.
  4. I don't trust any online watch dealers, i would try to get some disount at major dept store which i know they do, then send it to a state where there's no sales tax, and price comes out similar to what u get online anyways.
  5. I've purchased two watches from jomashop and one was a Cartier. I took it to Cartier in London where I was living at the time. They authenticated the watch and said they would have no problems servicing it if needed. I'm sure you'll receive great advice on this forum so you can make a decision:yes::yes:
  6. thanks everyone, I would love to buy from a dept store but I don't see how I would be able to get it at a discount. Am I missing something? I feel nervous about these online retailers, what if I end up with a lemon. Has anyone heard anything bad about jomashop? I called cartier and they said there are no authorized retailers online.
  7. will give you a discount if you call and ask nicely.
  8. There is quite a lengthy thread about how terrible jomasshop is in the Bottega Veneta forum. And honestly, while they've been recommended here, I doubt the authenticity of all of them items.
  9. ^thanks for the warning. I was thinking of having dh open a saks card and get 10% off.
  10. Wouldn't buy online, unless I was shopping for second hand watches. I'm pretty sure Cartier is like Rolex- no AD sells online. What you get online is either grey market or used. In my area I would shop Tourneau, they should give you a good price.
  11. is an authorized dealer and they will sell you a new Cartier if you just call them. You would be calling to ask for a discount anyway! Giving them your credit card number, etc., is just as easy as shopping online... I always say I "got my Cartier online at Tourneau" and I don't think that's technically incorrect since they do display new watches. I guess you can't finish the process online.

    Mine was a gift from SO, and not going to lie, I called, got a discount, and told them to hold that discount for me until my SO could call with his CC-number. They are very accomodating.

    I did have a bad experience with them after receiving the watch, but all's well that ends well.
  12. My friend purchased a Cartier tank francaise watch from Saks in Las Vegas and they gave her a 10% discount just because she asked. I think it was because she went to the Cartier store and they offered 10% off and she asked if Saks could match that, and they said they would.

    I think if you order from an out of state Saks and you are not shipping to NY, you should also be able to get it tax-free. If you purchase during EGC time, you can get a $450 gift card for purchases over $3000. And if you open a Saks card it's another additional 10% off. So with all those discounts, I think you can get the watch for a pretty decent price.
  13. ^wow, I didin't know they could just give you a discount at saks if you ask them.
  14. ^^^
    Me either, I would not at all expect Saks to do that. I didn't even know any Saks carried Cartier.