REAL Native American Jewelry~

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  1. Beautiful pieces! I love the beads....that was a great find.
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  2. The necklace with naja was purchased last year at Shumakolowa Native Arts in ABQ- the artist is Harrison Bitsue.
    The pearls were purchased this year and are Haley Family hand made.

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  3. Tasty additions to the thread, ladies! Thanks for sharing.

    O'O, love the color of the needlepoint turquoise, and those beads are so handsome with their strong flying saucer shapes.
    Gacats, those pearls have really pretty oxidizing, an effect I enjoy. Harrison B's sandcasting is very attractive: I've been looking online at some bracelets by him, tempting.
  4. both beautiful but that first one is daintily exquisite! (is that a term, LOL?)
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  5. Really nice OrbitOrange! Can they be layered together since they both have that “peaked” profile? Or maybe that’s too much as they are such strong elements in and Of themselves? Anyway, please model!!
  6. I love these. I've also checked out some of Harrison Bitsue's stuff online and been tempted. And I have a similar set of pearls--brushed silver discs with oxidation. Thanks for sharing! And you've definitely inspired me to visit Shumakolowa if I get a chance.
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  7. I think it's a term!

    Thanks! I don't layer them together because they are similar lengths, and I feel like the beads would also "outweigh" the petit point and look unbalanced. And possibly bang against the stones. But I do like to layer the beads with other, heavier necklaces. I actually was wearing them as part of the outfit I posted 6 weeks or so ago. Here's another pic if you don't feel like scrolling back, and one of the petit point.


  8. That Panteah necklace is really Really beautiful! Are the earrings Panteah also? Pairs so well. You look great!
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  9. The earrings are not by R+Q Panteah, but they do go well with the necklace. I'm actually embarrassed to say that I'm not entirely sure that the earrings are not block. I can tell with larger pieces of turquoise, but with the really small needle point and with no matrix I can have trouble telling. Here are a few closer pictures. Of course I could do the hot needle test but I don't really feel like ruining them even if they are block. I do know that they're Zuni and by Darren Kallestewa. When I bought them I wasn't as careful as I am now.



    I've looked for other pieces for sale by Rosemary and Quincy and I haven't been able to find much. A few small rings but I think that's all. I've found some pictures of really nice stuff, but not for sale. Somewhere I read that they didn't make a whole lot of jewelry because Quincy was so busy with his political career. I don't know if that's true or not but it seems like it could be. I have the first two volumes of a 3 book set called "Zuni: The Art and the People" which was published in the 70's at the height of the NA jewelry boom. They are cool books, they feature different artists with short bios and pictures of their works. One has a picture of a mountain lion or bobcat wearing a Zuni necklace with no explanation at all--just there with the other pictures of jewelry. Unfortunately the 3rd volume is much rarer and copies of it are quite expensive. Anyway, Quincy is featured in volume 1 and Rosemary is featured in volume 2. It's fun to read about them and also own a necklace by them that I love.
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    So, my husband and I are booked for a 4-day Grand Canyon train tour in the beginning of August. From there, we are going to Sedona and Phoenix for a few days. I am sad about the "few" days because of our time constraints that limit us to stay longer, but there will always be a next time. We are on the hunt for artwork. That is first and foremost, but I am sure there will be some native american jewelry that will be calling my name while we are out there. We are staying in the cutest boutique hotel just walking distance from Tlaquepaque (never been there) and probably the most we will get to do is explore Oak Creek Canyon. I am so excited even for the short visit and I can just feel information overload coming on.
  11. Ooh lucky you! Sedona is lovely. When we went, I was not yet into Native American jewelry..passed the Tlaquepaque plaza but didn’t go in. Bummer. Can’t wait to see what you find!
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  12. will go back some day! There is just so much out there to do, it is just about overwhelming. I want to stay next time for a longer period. What I really want to do is go house hunting.
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  13. Ooh yes! Sedona is magical. Good luck! I’d love a super modern one integrated into the rock with views of the valley and all minimal furnishings (that’s my I look around at all my accumulated stuff ugh)
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  14. I haven’t been for years, but did visit Sedona twice with my ex. We went to Tlaquepaque twice...there was a wonderful gallery there where we purchased several pieces. I have a large gouache painting by Blanche Davidson...there were a few other pictures, but my ex has them.
  15. There are several galleries I want to visit at Tlaquepaque, and I plan on getting to all those beautiful jewelry shops, too! I just wish we had more time this trip, but I will take all I can get.
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