Rapidlash - with before and after pictures

  1. So I finally got the courage to try this after reading scary reviews on it and seeing my sister have a bad experience but I absolutely LOVE this. I've noticed a difference in my lashes, they are absolutely longer than before and nothing bad has happened to me... =D (I've been using this for over a month now.)
  2. Based on the OP's review I bought this product and am very happy with it. I noticed a change after two weeks and now, after six weeks, it's amazing.

    The first two weeks were a little problematic due to itching, redness/purpleness on my lids, but it's all but gone now. No itching at all, just a very wee bit of purpleish. No iris change. I do use it every night. I wonder if that's a bad idea long term.....

    I bought mine at Amazon.
  3. Wow, your lashes looked great. It really worked well for you!
  4. I've been wanting to get this for a while - my natural lashes are fairly long but I love really long, fake-looking lashes. Only thing I'm concerned about is the side effects (redness and itching etc) and I'm also wondering that if I stop using it, will they fall out?
  5. I may try this after all the good results you all have experienced!!
  6. If you stop using it, your lashes won't fall out suddenly, but they will go back to their old pattern of growth. So when your lashes DO fall out (as they all do eventually), they won't grow as fast or as long as they did before, and eventually they will look the same as before you started using the product (though not any worse).
  7. This is now being sold in a twinpak at Costco for $49.99.
  8. I have a question. What if I already use Latisse? Are the two products similar enough that my lashes will remain the same, or will the Latisse lashes fall out and the Rapidlash lashes grow in? Has anyone tried this?
  9. I use Latisse on the rapidlash brush. My lashes have remained long and full.
  10. I love it. My eyelashes are long and makes my eyes pop.
  11. I just bought this today at Bed Bath and Beyond.. I'm excited to get my make up off and start the process... I will also be using this on my eyebrows. When I was younger I had both my eyebrows pierced and now no hair grows in certain spots in my brows. I'd like to see if this will fill in the 'bald spots'...
  12. Hmm all these great results make me want to try this out!
    Maybe they'll have it at my local Bed Bath and Beyond...
  13. I may have to try this when I run out of Lilash...it is much cheaper.
  14. Has anyone tried this on their eyebrows to fill them in if they're sparse?
  15. I was thinking about using this on some spots on my eyebrows too. Have you seen any positive results since you've started using it?