Question for you guys... time for a new bag!!!

  1. OKay so i have several bags (you can see my collection, its up to date) BUT the most used bag(by far) is the antigua cabas tote. I love it! But it is gettign pretty worn and the white handles are getting gross, so what can i replace it with, i need something with the same shoulder drop length,nothing to feminine( i am a guy) and something with similar features... does this exist? Thanks so much in advance to anyone who responds! I'm going sunday and there isnt really a budget but let me note that i dont like the new Bequias, or any of the brand new bags for that matter.
  2. would the mezzo work? ehhi kinda love damier... sheesh
  3. How about sending your baby away for a little and just having the vachetta replaced?
  4. i dont have the mezzo, i was considering buying it
  5. I think the mezzo would look better then the piano... what about trying to find a new antuiga bag?
  6. Have you seen the new Utah tote? It looks pretty nice IMO. Or maybe you could SO a Damier Mezzo or find an Alto in good condition?
  7. have you seen deluxeduck's tote? the mini lin ones?
  8. I know this is not similar to what you're asking, about a messenger bag in damier?
  9. I agree the Utah tote is very nice:love:
  10. thanks everyone, i really dont like messenger bags at all, the ones i own have been sold and i never used them, as far as SOing i would like to have the bag right away.. so im thinking damier tote something, cabas mezzo, or mongram carryall