Proenza Schouler PS1 bag

  1. Oh, just noticed the buckle. You are right, too many major issues to fix.
  2. Hi and welcome!

    They are a bit different but I think raspberry is gorgeous! Here are pics, you could also view our PS reference library above here in the PS forum. The colors could look a bit different in real life depending on indoor/outdoor lighting too.

    Raspberry - Orchid
    Fall-12-Raspberry.jpg Spring-12-Orchid.jpg
  3. so re: my bag's missing screw...

    Barney's said that they'd send it back to proenza to be fixed :yahoo:
    it'll take 4-6 weeks (a bit long), but i'll be out of town for about that time, and won't need it while i'm away, so it works!

    between getting it and getting it fixed i took it out for a day and the suede zipper pull also fell off- they should really give extra ones (or tie it tighter) like other brands do... oh well though! better it's gone now than me always checking if it's still there?
  4. Is far fetch an authorized reseller ? I see their prices are slightly cheaper than buying from Proenza or a store in the US.
  5. Well Ive had this bag for more than half a year now... Have always loved your wonderful pictures... Here's my rare picture with the PS1 and my friends before watching a late night movie...
  6. You will need to check the PS website to verify that the Farfetch shop is an authorized reseller (Farfetch isn't a "store" itself, but kind of like a portal for international retailers - I've ordered from them many times, from different retailers and the experiences were all extremely good).

    Always authentic, and typically better prices for European brands shipped to the US from overseas retailers. The US-to-US transactions are never a better deal than you would get ordering from Barneys, etc.
  7. i'm planning to buy one of these. do you think white or red is better? suede or leather? do the suede ones start to look old soon after a few months?
  8. Love it! Is yours a large? If you don't mind me asking, how tall are you and how does it fit cross body?
  9. Thanks! I need this too. Trying to make up my mind. Would love both, but that's not an option. :graucho: Every time I think 'yes orchid!' I see a raspberry and I'm not sure. Then it happens in reverse. :lol:
  10. Love ur ps1!! I really want one now.. Nice picture:smile:
  11. Thanks! Yes its a large. Im 5'7. And it fits quite very well crossbody although if you load too much in the PS1 the straps tend to dig into your shoulder. Hope that helps!

    Thank you chocos! You should get one as well and post reveal pictures hehe!
  12. Hi Baby1804, I just got my medium PS1 in Lipstick last week, and I really love the colour!! Red has my vote :smile:[​IMG]
  13. Will an ipad fit in the medium?