Price increase!!!!!

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  1. Oh my, I can’t... just can’t justify getting a toiletry pouch for almost $1000 CAD :eek:
  2. I am not sure since last price increase but I purchased the DE version on Dec 2019 and price was $375. Its now $475, that is a lot..
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  3. No change so far on (Germany) for Escale.
  4. Geez I feel like the biggest dope right about now! I just recently sold my speedy b 25 in DE THINKING I would rather have the size 30 instead. However, when I receive the 30 it looked stupid big and I immediately missed and regreted selling my 25. NOW the 25 is out of stock AND the price just went up $80. One would think I would have learned from the very first time I bought a speedy 30 8 years ago and I ended up selling it because it was too big! Smh. :sad:
  5. Isn‘t that strange since we‘re usually the first to see the increases in effect ?! :amazed: I don't believe that Europe is left out
  6. Friggin A!!! Speedy 25b are now $1600!!! :sad:
  7. This is such a tone deaf move. It's rare that I feel strongly about brand behaviors because some things are inevitable or predictable. Price increases are generally accepted as an annual inevitability, but this jump is outrageous.

    The Pochette Metis reverse was $1880 USD and the PM monogram was $1830 USD when I bought them both on February 6 -- just three months ago. Now the PM reverse is $2050 and the PM monogram is $1980. Those are 8-9% price increases.
  8. I just looked at the LV site and the Neverful GM this morning was $1510. It just went up $70 this afternoon. I was trying to purchase before the next price increase but I guess that didn't happen. :frown:
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  9. Re: Price difference between Mono PA and DA PA

    I noticed this too. I figured it was either (a) a slip-up on the price change or (b) the PA in DA is being phased out. Both are almost always "call for availability". I don't recall ever seeing a price difference for the same bag in different prints but maybe it has been the case before and I have never noticed.
  10. I texted my SA and she said they learned of the price hike this morning.
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  11. #1946 May 5, 2020
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    I looked at a bag that I was interested in. It is downright insulting. Yes, I can still buy it. But I seriously don't want to. I feel so turned off by LV corporate right now. I'm headed back to jewelry. I can at least pass that on. Argh. I'm so annoyed. Although sales have decreased during this SIP period, LV faithfuls have been actively buying. And in spite of this, LV feels like it needs to maintain it's profit levels? EVERY SINGLE RETAILER HAS EXPERIENCED A SEVERE HIT, AS WELL AS EVERY CUSTOMER. It doesn't take a genius to realize that. Suck it up. Profit levels are going to drop. They're lucky anyone is buying anything. Ok, I've gotta chill. Yes, resellers for me if at all.
  12. The price increase is pretty bad form esp during this time period. And after the one in March so soon as well. People haven’t been able to digest it either. I checked on the Australian website just now and no increase yet, but I know the intel is never wrong and the price increase is just a few days delayed but it will definitely make its way here. I remember the days when the speedy was sub and 1000. And now it’s nearly as 2000. I was going to buy the speedy b 25 a few years ago when it was 1680 and now it’s 2150 and still waiting on the price increase. It is ridiculous! But glad someone does have intel and can share with the community of tpf and can help others who needed the nudge to make it over the line and purchase before there price hike. Thanks for sharing all. Much appreciated!
  13. Thank you!
  14. Ok now I can see price adjustments in AU website. Oh well!
    I managed to snag escale kirigami last Sunday (because I got tired waiting for the pastel NF to become available again as I love my pastel mini pochette and I want to have another pastel) and the TP15. Hope they both arrive ok. I have no appetite to buy anything other than SLGs at the moment as I feel that’s all I could use right now. I agree with the majority of the sentiment here - a price hike 2 months apart during pandemic is really insensitive and off putting!
  15. Price increase uk - only shows as you add to bag...
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