Poll---What's your top-choice colors when buying bags?

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  1. Brown, brown, and more brown. My closet tends to be 90% neutrals, blue jeans aside. I have chocolate bags, distressed brown bags, luggage/gold bags, cream, and a whiskey on the way. My only colorful bags are my little Coach satchel and my lemon yellow Scout (which seems to really go with everything).

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  2. Safe colors for more expensive bags, and bright colors for cheaper bags...Well, that sounds natural :smile:

    I am thinking about adding some white or cream bags, they can be bright and safe at the same time!
  3. I agree - black, shades of brown and beige and soft gold, a burberry, a white one for summer and a yellow (unisa) for beach stuff - Don't do color with bags.
  4. It's terrible, but I always have to steer myself away from picking greens (more in the lime shades). I love browns too.
  5. Browns for me too...mostly like LV canvas brown and my Gucci jacquard fabric brown. Just got another black bag not too last week since I realized I had only one other black bag. For "loud" colors, I tend to get different shades of green and I am a sucker for hardware depending on the designer to make a statement.
  6. hmmm, i'd have to say black :shame: brown and bright colours like blues and pinks (i think) :biggrin:
  7. I like white and black. Simple, elegant, and can be paired with anything.
  8. I love red and black but noticed that the bags I have....there's lots of pink.
  9. Red. It's my favorite color.
  10. I basically today came ot this realization about my affinity for brown. I am cutting myself off of brown bags for atleast 2006! The great thing about brown though is that there are so many types of brown!!!!
  11. My favourite color is blue, like a deep navy, indigo, or royal blue, but for some reason I have yet to find a nice blue bag that I like. I find them in aqua, or teal, and then don't end up getting them.

    Strangely I seem to compromise with purple, I have an oxblood Luella which is really more purpley, and a fuschia and purple Pucci.

    I am into browns too. They just seem so rich in variety, from a cognac, luggage, or nutmeg to a deep espresso, and everything in between. I don't think I can have too many brown bags, lol.
  12. Pink! of course!
  13. i'm always attracted to medium brown and dark silver. i cannot buy any more brown. plus i have a pewter balenciaga, so i can't very well justify buying another pewter bag. they're both incredibly versatile colors and look good with lots of things, but i'm very picky about shades. i don't like dark chocolate brown or beige, it has to be a medium brown, cognac, or honey. i also like my silver to have dark grey undertones.

    i'm quite picky, which is why i only have a few bags, lol.
  14. I've always had a tendency for neutral colors in my clothing. So when it comes to bags, I like color but not necessarily "loud" colors. I like dark colors like deep purple, garnet, dark blue, etc.

  15. me too!!!! I am just dying for this hot pink flat bag I saw a few months ago in London - still dreaming of it. Colors are so much more fun!