Poll---What's your top-choice colors when buying bags?

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  1. Many of us must have black, Chocolate, Cognac, White. But I love LOUD colors too, I need them to spice my life up sometimes:amuse:

    What do you prefer? An everyday bag or a bag with Loud colors which is picky about your dress colors? What is the ratio between the two in your closet?

    Then, what is your top-choice colors for bags? ~~curious~~~
  2. I usually go for basic neutral colors (black, brown, white, nude), but try to find bags with unique style details, whether it's texture, hardware, etc. so even though the color is understated, the bag still has still has some flair. I splurged on an orange bag once, but ended up selling it because I never used it.
  3. I don't like to get one color (say black) for all my bags because I think my bag collection will look dull and boring.

    I don't want to go too bold like a neon green or sunny yellow because it is hard to find an outfit to go well with those kinds of color.

    Yet, I do like a variety of colors but the color on my bag depends on the style of the bag or the shade of color. Don't you hate it when you see a bag you like (say in red) and you wish it was a shade or two darker?
  4. That makes sense:idea: Well designed details do make bags that are not "loud" stand out! Some times I got too distracted by colors but forgot this. Will try to keep that in mind in my future hunting:lol:
  5. I mostly go with black, beige, brown as my neutral color. For my "fun" colors, I go with bright red and apple green colors.
  6. Biege, love my biege... Brown, also. Not as big on black. I need a fun pink purse or something!
  7. I definitely play it safe with handbags...I do have a bright orange bag but that was pretty out of character. Normally I prefer black, beige, or white.
  8. Brown, beige, off white. Only pastels if i venture out of that. I love the bright colors but am afriad they will sit in my closet.
  9. If the bag is expensive .. I want it in a classic color and classic shape ... I will splurge on a trendy bag only if its not SUPER trendy ... I usually go with brown and beuge colors .. I only have one evening bag in black!! only ONE black bag! .. I need another one but I dont know when I see a bag I love in brown and black I go with brown without thinking that I need a black one .... I also love loud colors and funky bags but it has to be priced below the $1000 range
  10. as some of you have already noticed from my bag showcase: i like black bags :smile:
  11. I'm very safe...I gravitate towards black bags, although I'm trying to be more open to color. I have a bad hanbit of buying expensive bags in black, and less expensive in other colors.
  12. Black is the most popular choice for me, but I used to try to mix it up with some red. Lately, I've gotten two blues (one navy blue and one light blue) which I feel are almost like another neutral for me cause they go with almost everything.
  13. I find myself always going for brown bags! It's silly, I have so many.
    I need a new black one but I cn't decide on what.

    For this summer I'm getting into bright coloured bags, I got the Roxanne in apple green end of last year and I have a large bright red miu miu one.
  14. Me too LB. I have bought tons of brown bags but I still need a nice black one. I think when I get my Charlotte I will definately be getting at least a black one. My bright bags tend to be cheaper fabric prints because I will eventually get sick of them.
  15. I go for brown, too. It goes with my wardrobe best and I'm not going to spend over $1k on a bag that doesn't match my clothes!