please watch out for a damier papillion for me :-D


Nov 14, 2005
bagnshoofetish said:
knowing me I will wind up just buying the bag on eluxury and not worrying about fakes LOL..

I would if I were you. They are affordable. I just received one from eluxury but sent it back today because I wasn't crazy about it. I still like the damier pattern, that particular bag style just didn't work for my needs.

the price really isn't bad..but I want to be able to buy the bag and still have a couple hundred left over for my credit card..that is why i was really hoping I could find one from one of the purse forum, we shall see
Good luck JAP4life, you know I'm rooting for you :smile: BTW, I check out a lot of Damier auctions on eBay and you can spot fake Damiers by looking for perfectly positioned "Louis Vuitton" squares on the bag (check out where they pop up on the example bags on Elux, it's a good guide, though some of the older Damier bags seem to have the "LV" squares positioned in different locations at times). Fakes don't have the logo squares lined up well at all, they are haphazardly scattered on the bag. Not foolproof, but a start!