please watch out for a damier papillion for me :-D

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  1. Well it's my birthday next monday and I really want to buy myself the damier papillion 26, after having talked about it so much with a few fellow purse members( you know who you are). Everyone, if ya happen to see any authentic damier papillions floatin around, lemme know :biggrin: or even better if anyone wants to part with theirs, or knows someone who wants to part with it, and it is in the $3-400 range , let me know. I realize that the bag will definately be older for that low of a price, but if it is in really condition..that would be great

    please keep me in mind :biggrin:...

    Thanks everyone
  2. will do.

    and out of curiousity, how can you tell fake damiers from authentic?
  3. Thank you bagnshoo :smile:...and to be honest i am not exactly sure how to tell..I am semi mastered in the mono...never got to the Damier LOL....i'm not much help:shame: and i'm the one that asked for it LOL ( i am a dork)
  4. I am the dorks reigning Queen! I've learned alot in this forum about spotting fake monos. Never thought about fake damiers. Seems like it would be easy to fake, no?
  5. evidently those people out there think it is easy to fake all of louis vuitton :evil:...probably would be incredibly easy, just a bunch of squares huh..The only one that i saw on ebay that was ridiculously fake was this really plastic-y, yucky one....but not sure how to spot the others...

    and if you are the reigning queen, I am the one who is going to get the throne, when you kick off! :lol::lol: ( not that you are kicking off anytime soon!!)

  6. i will look now.
  7. Haha Curtism You Are On Top Of Your Game
  8. Actually, i did see those, just wasn't sure about authenticity...I wonder if I should just try to go for my poupette sellers...hmm, what do you think?
  9. going to a my pochette seller would be smarter i dont now if i would trust those bags on ebay.
  10. knowing me I will wind up just buying the bag on eluxury and not worrying about fakes LOL..
  11. yeah that is even better.
  12. knowing me I will wind up just buying the bag on eluxury and not worrying about fakes LOL..

    I would if I were you. They are affordable. I just received one from eluxury but sent it back today because I wasn't crazy about it. I still like the damier pattern, that particular bag style just didn't work for my needs.