Please help me with my first LV purchase!


Jan 28, 2006
tlaquepaque said:
Thank you for all your suggestions. I'm going to go on Friday to Saks to try on all the bags. I definitely love the Epi Speedy but I'm going to see if I'm feeling the love for the Epi Noe. I haven't seen the damier in person so I'd like to check that out too.

I haven't taken my DS into Saks yet so we'll see how he does. I guess it will be a true test of the bags practicality. Last time we were in Coach he picked out a teal suede tote and put all his trucks in it. He was ready to walk out the door with it. We had a bit of a meltdown when I took it away from him but how cute is that!
How cute!!! I recommend Epi or Damier because you might be the one left crying if baby gets water or juice all over vachetta. How about the damier parioli if the chelsea is too big?