Please help me with my first LV purchase!

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  1. I have been a coach girl so far since I have been in school but now that I'm getting my Master's my DH is buying me a LV for my graduation gift. I have been eyeing the Epi Speedy but my DH thinks it looks old fashioned. I am only 26 but I want something classic and I also need something durable and roomy since I'm usually hauling around my 2 year old son. I won't be going to work full-time until he is in Kindergarten. I think the classic monogram is nice on other people but I'm just not feeling it, if you know what I mean. Please help!
  2. I think that the EPI Speedy is great, and definitely does NOT look old-fashioned. I am the same age, and have one in blue. It's a very classic, and polished-looking bag.

    You mention that you need something that is durable and roomy because you have a young child. Do you think that a Speedy is a good bag for that? Most of my friends with children using more "shoulder" bags...would you consider something else from LV other than a Speedy?
  3. The Mizi is a great bag...I love mine. It is monogram but the detail on it is so gorgeous. With kids I would go for a shoulder bag. HOw about the multi colored Noe?
  4. the damier speedy will be here soon. damier is so classy. pls i think the speedy is a great first Lv purchase.

    im all for going for what you truly want. epi is a great line as well.
  5. Hmm, you are right, I probably need a shoulder bag for practicality sake. Maybe I should choose a different shape for now and then in a few years go for the Epi Speedy. I can definitely see how this can be addicting. It's so hard to decide on the one perfect bag. I need them all. ;)

    Do you guys think that the mulitcolor mono is too trendy and will look dated after awhile? Until my kids (I'm planning on one more) go to school I want to stay home with them. They are only young once and I have the rest of my life to make money and buy bags. For now I must stick with classic and timeless.
  6. I'm so obsessed with the new Damier Saleya! I work and have a toddler as well and it's so stylish and practical, and the Damier is so durable. It comes in three sizes. Let us know what you choose!
  7. my best advice would be to go to a boutique and try on as many bags as you want...start with 1 shoulder bag from each line (damier, mono, mc, etc.) and get a feel what each will look like on you, then go for handbags.

    make sure you put your stuff in the bag and wear something you normally wear, so you can see what it would look like on you in an everyday situation.

    ...because we could literally give you hundreds of opinions, but the best would be for you to try it on yourself and get a feel of your likes/dislikes. you may think a bag is cute in pictures, but when you try it on, it could be the exact opposite.
  8. I think the Epi Speedy isn't "too old" at all!

    Maybe you could try getting a big tote that would also be work-appropriate. I would stick to Epi leather, I think it's just perfect. Not too "look at me," but clearly a quality-bag.
  9. I totally agree with blackbutterfly. Nothing beats trying them on in the boutique to narrow down what you want. You could then either purchase from them (LV has everyone who buys from them on record) or you could buy on ebay from a reputable seller.If you were to ever want to resell your bag to upgrade maybe, you'll always get the best money out of the classics, mono and damier. Epi while very beautiful can usually be picked up fairly inexpensively. Let us know what you get. It's such a wonderful choice to have ahead of you.:biggrin: V
  10. I have yet to see the bag - but I'm lusting after the Damier Chelsea. I want a shoulder bag that I can use to tote around stuff to work, and with my 11 mos. old. I can't wait to check it out in person. Or else, I'm going to go with my next choice which is the Cabas Mezzo.

    I think getting a shoulder bag would be the best choice. Especially if you're planning on having two young ones...
  11. I agree with Suli about the Epi speedy :biggrin: It is a great durable material :biggrin:
  12. Maybe the new Damier Saleya? It's definitely roomy and classically understated.
  13. Thank you for all your suggestions. I'm going to go on Friday to Saks to try on all the bags. I definitely love the Epi Speedy but I'm going to see if I'm feeling the love for the Epi Noe. I haven't seen the damier in person so I'd like to check that out too.

    I haven't taken my DS into Saks yet so we'll see how he does. I guess it will be a true test of the bags practicality. Last time we were in Coach he picked out a teal suede tote and put all his trucks in it. He was ready to walk out the door with it. We had a bit of a meltdown when I took it away from him but how cute is that!
  14. Awww...that's too cute. I agree with other people that you should definite take a look around the store and try a few things. You never know...I know that I might think one thing about a particular bag, but feel completely differently when I am in the store, and get to carry it and put some of my things in it. Let us know what you decide!
  15. With my kids I find it's easier to have my bag on my shoulder, speedy is an arm bag. Is there a shoulder bag you like?

    A stroller and food is your best bet for shopping w/ DS!