Please help me choose 1st Tiffany's piece

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  1. Interlocking circles!
  2. I like the dove--I've been wanted that piece myself!
  3. I'd choose the interlocking circles
  4. Interlocking Circles :biggrin:
  5. Interlocking circles
  6. I like the dove but it's so petite.
  7. I really like the interlocking circles myself but you can't go wrong with the dove either.
  8. i like the dove! you can always layer it for more presence :biggrin:
  9. Looks like it's either between the Dove or the Interlocking circles :smile:
  10. ^just about to write that- :smile:
  11. I have and love the interlocking circles necklace in size small. It's a Tiffany piece that says "Tiffany" on it but the writing doesn't scream out at you. It doesn't lay flat like other necklaces due to the way the circles are joined. They move around and make a soft tinkling sound that I love. It's not a "static" design. Some people would hate that. Just something I thought I should point out since the other two necklaces you picked out are pendants and will lay one way all the time. I also noticed you linked to the medium size. There's an older thread on here that has good pictures of both sizes (one person is even wearing both sizes at the same time). The medium definately has a bigger presence.
  12. Tiffany 1837 Interlocking Circles in SS
  13. I just noticed that the dove necklace I posted is no longer available on the website! Was it a limited edition piece???

    The website still has other dove pendants but I like the one with the little loop for the chain :sad:
  14. Dove!
  15. I like the interlocking circles as a first piece!