Please help me choose 1st Tiffany's piece

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  1. Fun choices!

    I like the dove. So sweet.
  2. I love the interlocking circles.
  3. Interlocking circles for sure!!
  4. Get the dove. The other pieces are flashier with the logos and such, which I think makes them less timeless and classic. The dove is beautiful and simple.
  5. Really liking the dove!
  6. i like either the interlocking circles or the horseshoe.. i know, not much help! heheh. :Push:
  7. The dove is petite. The interlocking circles has a bigger presense. I would choose between those two.
  8. I like the horseshoe. It's different!
  9. I like the interlocking circles, but with that being said they are all so unique and different, which one talks to you or has/ could have a special meaning for you right now?'

    There must be a reason you have narrowed down Tiffany's selection to these 3, so I would pick the one that signifies something (an occasion) or someone special to you.
  10. The dove is in my wish list!
  11. The interlocking circles.
  12. Interlocking circles for sure! Stunning!

  13. I like the dove...its very chic and doesn't scream "tiffany"

    The interlocking circles is pretty too!