Pictures of Your Koobas

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  1. ^I really like that color, Linda! And the texture of the leather looks stunning... a little variation but still smooth overall. Nice bag! :tup:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. ^ another beauty :love:
  4. The only Koobas I have left... ELISHA (red and blonde).... :love::love:

  5. Adding my two new Kooba's ... Merlot Patent Elisha and Black Leather Elisha.
    merlot elisha.jpg black elisha.jpg
  6. OMG, look at that red one! I haven't seen it looks amazing. Lovely bags :tup:
  7. Both those Elishas are gorgeous!:drool: I don't know much about Kooba but I know what I like!
  8. That Merlot is stunning, and I've always loved the blonde color :smile:
  9. Here's my one and only Kooba. She's the Ashley Satchel in metallic silver snakeskin. To me she's more of a gunmetal color, but in the pics she looks kind of gold-ish. Either way I love her!
    ashley.jpg ashley1.jpg ashley2.jpg
  10. My first (but definitely not my last!) Kooba: my Bonnie :smile: It's the perfect little evening bag for me!
  11. I am really considering an Elisha now!! how is the plain leather and color transfers? that blonde is just beautiful!
  12. That Blonde & Red Elisha are from the original season of bags and a totally different leather quality than what is available now. My original red one wore so well but I wouldn't take bets on the new leathers.
  13. Edward is so cute.
  14. These are my first ever pics I am posting of my Koobas. I happen to love bags, but have a special affinity for Kooba. Can you blame me?
  15. I'm not positive how to post the pics? Help!!!!!