Pics of tPF members' Jimmy Choo Collections *PICS ONLY--NO CHATTING!*

  1. these are my 2 JC clutches...i will post more of my JC collection later on. [​IMG]
  2. Super long overdue (as promised Jburgh) :love:

    XL Ramona Burgundy in Biker Leather. Shout out to Robyn and Stinker! :woohoo: :heart:


  3. my first choo...RING:heart: thanks robynbenz!
    jimmy choo 009.jpg jimmy choo 017.jpg
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    We're Ring "sisters"!!!:yahoo:

    Shows how different the same bag can look on different sized people! Aquarius4yu = teeny, tiny! I'm 5'10!
  5. :heart:Navy drummed leather Riki:heart: purchased 6/08.
    tpf 001.JPG tpf 002.JPG tpf 003.JPG
  6. Another Drummed Leather Navy Riki :heart::heart::heart:


  7. This is my very first JC bag.
    Bought at Nordstrom @ 40% off on last Friday, June 13th
    Rania bought June 13 2008.jpg
  8. This is my Jimmy Choo Arad in Shaded Python.

  9. My first Jimmy Choo and it is just beautiful.:love: The platinum is very subtle with a hint of gold. This is the Maddy.
    maddy close front (Small).JPG
  10. Turquoise Mahala

    Textured Metallic Platinum Mahala

    Cracked Metallic Silver Maddy

    Cigar Patent Rana

    Tan Malena
  11. My one and only Jimmy Choo - khaki Ramona. :heart: The colour looks flat in the photo. I could never capture its true beauty on film.

  12. My first Choo, I was a bit concerned about "white" but this color is fab, it is a metallic off white color, can carry her all year:yahoo:
  13. My new Jimmy Choo..

    I'm not too sure what the name of this bag is though.
    b158182263.jpg b158182234.jpg
  14. [​IMG]
  15. Jimmy Choo Alex
    IMG_0984.JPG IMG_0982.JPG IMG_0985.JPG