Pics of tPF members' Jimmy Choo Collections *PICS ONLY--NO CHATTING!*

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    Post pics of your Jimmy Choo Collection here! :love:

    Members are encouraged to include the style name, color, and season. :yes:

    Please, no chatting back and forth, or commenting on members' bags. This is a photo-only thread for reference. :noggin:
  2. Here's my bordeaux patent Ramona from F/W 06:

    my Ramona.JPG
  3. Blue Wet Look Patent Riki Fall/Winter 2006 [​IMG]
  4. Bordeaux Riki Fall/Winter 2006
  5. Jimmy Choo Ramona, khaki, bought it in Feb 2007 (not sure when it came out)

  6. [​IMG]

    Black Rianne Fall/Winter 2005
  7. Black Mahala F/W 06


    Silver Mahala Cruise 06/07


    Red Maddy F/W 06


    Small Black Tulita F/W 04
    Khaki Ramona F/W 06


    Purple Rianne F/W 05
    Linen and Snakeskin Cruise 05/06

    black mahala.jpg silver mahala.jpg Jimmy Choo Maddy and Mahala.jpg Jjimmy Choo Ramona and Small Tulita.jpg Jimmy Choo Rianne.jpg
  8. Black Patent Leather Ramona Fall/Winter 2006
    blackramona.JPG ramona.JPG
  9. Here are mine:
    Lizard Ramona (Fall 06), studded sandals (fall 06) and Python Ross(fall 05)
    (sorry I faced ramona the wrong way)

  10. Wearing Red Maddy and Silver Mahala


    me and maddy.jpg me and mahala.jpg
  11. Here is a pic of my red mahala from f/w 06.
    mahala red 2.jpg
  12. Here's my ramona and my rasia. I'll have to add my rosso later!
    ramona.jpg rasia.jpg
  13. The bag on the left was bought from Selfridges (London) Dec 05 sorry can't remember the name. On the right is Tara and she's dark brown which doesn't really show properly in the pic.
    Jimmy Choo.jpg
  14. Excuse my ignorance because I bought these bags when I thought JC only did shoes. But I think they are called Tulita (correct me ladies). The green colour must be S/S 2004 or older. While the baby pink one is A/W 2004.

    But am open to corrections! ;)
    Jimmy_Choo_Mint.jpg Jimmy_Choo_Pink.jpg
  15. Tahula Hill Thyme
    Tahula Hillary Doctor Bag Flesh
    Tam Gray