PHOTOS: Your PS Collection Here!!!

  1. Saddle SKA, Bronze PS1 Satchel, Burgundy PS11 Mini, and Cherry Suede PS1 Wallet

  2. Thanks so much Fumi, Michole and Acliona!
  3. Thanks so much Elliespurse! :biggrin:
  4. Amazing color combinations! Well done!
  5. Great collection! You have a nice little variety of colors and styles. :smile:
  6. Auntie, love the Saddle... your collection is very pretty!
  7. I only have one but she is stunning! Lots of compliments!

    Small Keepall
  8. So beautiful! I can imagine you get compliments all the time!
  9. PS1 medium in black (bought in 2009 from NAP)
    PS1 tote in midnight (bought in 2012 from
    PS1 medium in smoke (FW2011, bought in 2011 from

    loving my babies very very much. am looking to add a PS11 to the collection!! price is on the high-side though, so i'm still saving up!!
  10. What a well-rounded group - and they all look to be in fantastic condition!

    Which color are you thinking of for the PS11?
  11. thanks for the compliment, >ehemelay ! :biggrin:
    I'm thinking of the classic black textures leather for PS11, or the navy one with black matte hardware that NAP is carrying on their website currently. black is definitely more versatile and evergreen though :smile:

  12. Gorgeous! Love the midnight tote!
  13. Thank u, >BellaShoes !! :biggrin:
  14. Beautiful! Do you have a favorite?

  15. Thank u >Micole!! :smile:
    I love the 2 mediums very much - they're a good size and both colors are very versatile. I use the tote mostly when I need to carry my laptop to and from work. It's kinda heavy though as its larger and because of the hardware.