PHOTOS: Your PS Collection Here!!!

  1. Hi Everyone ---- Thought it would be interesting and useful to have a separate thread dedicated to everyone's PS collection regardless of style, season or age. From the different posts, I notice that some have as many as 10 bags! :biggrin: Hope you can share info and photos of your PS collection! Please, please, please!

    @ Elliespurse --- You think this is okay? If not, feel free to delete my thread.

    For batgirl416: Here's my first and only PS bag (definitely not the last): PS1 Large Satchel in Smoke.

  2. great thread!! (sticky maybe?)
    keep posting until i get my collection ready and i shall too post soon :yes:
  3. Yay! I was thinking a thread like this was due.. Thanks for initiating it Batgirl! I've shown my keep all many times already, but this picture really shows off the shade of midnight nicely! This will not be my only contribution either. Only time will tell what my second will be!
    Photo 1390.jpg
  4. @ Demicouture: When I found out how many PS you had in your collection, I just had to start this thread! :biggrin: Looking forward to seeing your PS family --- ummmm... make that clan! :graucho: P.S. Unfortunately, don't know how to make things into a sticky thread.

    @ Micole: You're most welcome! I can never get tired of your keepall midnight! Looking forward to seeing many more of your PS contribution in the future! :graucho:
  5. I'm so excited to see your personal display! You must tell us which one you wear the most often. How are you enjoying the Keep All?
  6. Fasten your seatbelts, girls. We're going up :biggrin:
  7. Sweet!!! Thanks Nat!:biggrin:
  8. Here´s my new Maize medium. I absolutely love everything about it:smile:

  9. piisku_h - Gorgeous color! :biggrin:


    My collection so far, large smoke and xl black :heart:
  10. beautiful collections, ladies :love:

    please keep them coming! :heart:
  11. Here's my beloved PS1 medium in saddle. I can't wait to give it a friend. :p
  12. Here's my medium midnight PS1! I got it last week and have been using it non-stop since I love it so. I don't usually wear it with the foxtail (it's too much for work) but today I was feeling sassy and I figured that you've all seen this bag before so why not show it a little differently. Please excuse the crappy phone pics and my pregnant belly:p


    ps1 1.jpg ps1 2.jpg ps1 3.jpg download-35.jpg download-37.jpg
  13. Congrats!! The Midnight is gorgeous and love it more since I got a wallet in this color :heart: Thanks for posting!
  14. Just an updated pic of my small but growing PS family :love:
    Continental and PS1 wallets added.