PHOTOS: Your PS Collection Here!!!

  1. nice!!:smile:love the birth color...but it's sold out everywhere...really want one!!
  2. Your bag is beautiful!! If I were to get a PS1 I would get suede too. I think like the way the suede falls on your hip better than the leather PS1 imo.
    Is yours a medium?

    Thanks in advance!!
  3. Im joining the club.. Yeayy.. ;)

    Here they are..

    PS1 large in midnight blue

    Without flash

    With flash

    The other one.. PS1 large linen

    Without flash

    With flash

    And now i really want the wallet :p
  4. Yay!! Congrats and welcome to the club ha! Your acquisitions are perfection. Just gorgeous. Midnight is a timeless, exquisite shade. I prefer the pic without the flash.. It just goes to show you how different the color looks under different lighting. And the linen is so perfect for summer. Enjoy them and wear them well.
  5. Great Collection. Thanks for sharing:smile:
  6. dxg - Thanks! :smile:
  7. Hi~I just get the Black suede Large PS1 From HGbags! Erica just sent it to me last Friday..So exciting! I'm waiting the postman everyday! Anybody has experience about USPS Express International from US to AUS? conflict between worry and exciting....sigh.. :wondering
  8. Congrats on your PS1 :woohoo: hope it arrives soon! Post reveal pics.

    I'm not sure about the USPS though..
  9. Thx Ellie! I getting crazy to search about the express service via Google. Some of my friends used before said it's on time. but some members posted a thread on purseforum and said the service really sucks...driving me crazy~~

    and Thx for your threat about where to buy a ps1! Without you, I can't find Erica! :biggrin:

    I'll update pics when I get it! Pray for my parcel~ LoL!!
  10. I've had plenty of experience with USPS from U.S. to Canada. All good! You can really track the shipping, which I like.
  11. Thanks Micole. I ask many people with experience with USPS to AUS. They said frequently is 10 Working days. and USPS not updating the track information everyday. :sad:

    I hate waiting the delivery everyday....That will kill me.....
  12. I can relate! I'm obsessed with tracking packages when I have the option. I don't stop. It will come! Just come on here and get excited as the anticipation builds!
  13. :biggrin: LOL...I refreshing the tracking page every half hour. my bf said I was already mad about that package.....;)

    I time i will use the ups even it require pay the tax first. USPS dunt pay the tax until the package asked to.

    My friend said because the AUD is strong standing, everyone buy the cloth or bag or apple products from US. The custom is very busy, very very busy!

    A package sent from US on 5th and received on 25th this month. 20days! it's express mail. OMG! I gonna pray for my new PS1.
  14. It will come! I'm not worried. It will arrive safe and sound and you will be SO happy. You're just like me, refreshing the page all the time. It's so fabulous when it actually changes! I get so excited!
  15. But it stay the same situation for a long time. but I think it will come. I found that the USPS services from US to AUS all are delay recently. Spend 6-20days on shipping. and the custom would spend 2min to clearance. so the problem is USPS shipping which like an old pony............