Photos of your Chanels in action...

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  1. Thank you so much SGCW:hbeat: It’s very sweet of you!:heart: I hope that you and your family are doing well. :heart::hugs:
  2. Thanks so much SGCW :hbeat:
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  3. I do not know if it is me alone but I love ra clothes chanels is beautiful and very good quality, without a doubt one of the best so every dollar I spend on it is worth it
  4. Thank you for asking, Auvina, yes, we are doing fine, but such strange times... :-s

    I hope you and your family are all well, too :heart:
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  5. My "passenger" today while getting gas. I haven't been able to use her due to the shelter-in-place, so I'm using this opportunity as an excuse to have her see daylight. My mask tried to photobomb the shot! :P PhotoGrid_1589508256431.jpg
  6. First outing! I got her for my birthday just before the lockdown so she’s out for a walk with me this morning :heart:

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  7. Thank you!! It is navy from 20C. Just got it this week from Neiman’s.
  8. Finally out with my new chanel sneakers (& 17B red mini)
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  9. Throwback with my small cf! I miss going out!!!

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  10. Taking my bright red tote for a joy ride to combat the stay-at-home blues
  11. Stocking up on my favorite Lara bars at Whole Foods. Chocolate Caviar PST came with me and I used the canvas strap from an old messenger bag so I can wear it crossbody.
  12. Oh! I saw this at the store yesterday! It was already with the price increase though. You’re so lucky! It’s so beautiful!
  13. Well this is interesting! Are the straps inside?
  14. Yes, I hid the leather/chain straps inside so it looks clean on the exterior of the bag and you can see the Chanel logo clearly
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