Photos of your Chanels in action...

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  1. Thanks so much :wave:
  2. It felt nice to use my woc, even if it was to clean around the house.

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  3. I like this shirt!
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  4. FF61D580-0AE2-43F8-AA94-2BACD60D668C.jpg patiently waiting at the doc’s office with my trendy cc
  5. Thanks venessa84 :smile:
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  6. Oh my goodness. The view from your balcony is stunning. What a lovely place to live!
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  7. Awe thanks dear! We are grateful :smile:
  8. Throwback to my Taiwan trip last year, using my Chanel WOC (2017 version)

    Surprised it can fit a lot of essentials, perfect for travel actually! It can also fit my Samsung Note S10, a really long phone (6inches i think)

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  9. Reissue 226 :wave:

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  10. IMG_5435.JPG
    A little golf and Chanel
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  11. Lovely! Is that a navy? If so, which one?!
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  12. You look FABULOUS!!!:loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes: Loving your reissue-twinsie here...;):smile::heart:
  13. You're a fabulous inspiration, Cilifene. Timeless Scandinavian chic :hbeat:
  14. And so are you, Auvina, :hbeat: not Scandinavian maybe but you know what I mean! So funny, I think we posted to Cilifene at the same time.
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