Past or Present, what is/was your Holy Grail bag?

  1. :boxing::lecture::noggin::bagslap:

  2. I TOTALLY agree! I am not a fan of ANY of the exotics, especially the ostrich Lily. To each his own though... I am surprised it is most people's HG. I never would have guessed before this thread, but now I know!
  3. A Daphne pocket satchel in calf leather, either black or brown...either left or right kidney....LOL
  4. A siggy GiGi in white
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    I literally just gasped when I saw Mandy's alligator duffle. I want I want I WANT! It doesn't even really look like the Bleeker duffle and I agree, I love the shorter strap! Did Coach really make these or were they like custom-designed for her or other celebrities?

    And thanks to you ladies, I now also want a Lily in Atlantic. I'm not sure how practical a blue bag would be for me but it's such a gorgeous color! And it's probably better than just sticking to black, which I was planning on doing.
  6. I'm thinking it was custom-made for her:sad: but it's soooo pretty, isn't it?

  7. That is just too gorgeous for words!!! :drool::drool::drool: You are SOOO lucky!!
  8. ^^I was wondering what the lily in atlantic looked like! Now I know. Thanks for posting the pic, fluffy! I do love it.
  9. These are at selected outlets! Not sure of the price but under $350 I bet. Possibly a lot under.

  10. I can tell you's $420 and add'l 20% off. They had a lot at the outlet I was at last weekend!
  11. Thanks Tara!

    Yes, I was very lucky! This is one I would never part with! I love the style of the Lily and the atlantic color was the cherry on top!
  12. I'm not sure I would give up a kidney for a Coach bag, as much as I love Coach...
    But I would contemplate giving up a kidney for a Chanel Jumbo Lambskin Classic Flap with Silver Hardware :biggrin:
  13. I had a bag like that in the 80's but of course it was fake.^^
  14. Well, now that I ordered Francine, I am going to have to be quite contented with what I have for a long time. But I will be here to swoon with you all and your bags. ;)

  15. I am so happy you were able to get your Francine! :yahoo:

    When you get her I expect a lot of pictures and modeling pics. :smile: