Pandora vs. Chamilia vs. Troll beads

  1. I have all three and just choose what I like. I do the bracelets by theme, but trollbead does not work with the other bracelets. I have an empowerment trollbead (all shades of pink and flowers), a blue/purple beach theme in trollbead, an alice in wonderland (mix of pandora and chamilia) and various 3 or 4 bead bangles in Chamilia. I have had a major problem with Chamilia all swarovski beads (they come in various colors, I have the yellow, white opal combo), I have lost stones in at least 6 of those beads. They have replaced them, my store has a 6 month replacement plan(which is now up), but even those that haven't lost stones are no where near as bright as they were originally. That is very disappointing given those beads are $65 each.
  2. Here is the pink empowerment trollbead.
    trollbead%20empowerment2.jpg trollbead%20empowerment.jpg
  3. Very pretty bracelet ReRe! I love the colours!
  4. Thank you, will need to get pics of the others posted.,
  5. Love the pink trollbead bracelet- beautiful!
  6. I buy all my beads from Jovana Collections now. They have beautiful charms and the quality is amazing. Their bracelets fit the other brands too.
  7. bump...I am loving my Trollbeads...their glass is awesome! I wish I knew how to post a pic here...seriously loving my new bracelet :smile::smile:
  8. I mix Pandora n Chamilia. Some Chamilia Beads are really very nice and meaningful. I love their Snowflake charm. I also add my other charms from different jewelry Brands, with equal pride n happiness because they were gifts and have sentimental value.

    Quality wise, both Chamilia and Pandora are nice. I like the 14k gold n Sterling silver combination charms by Pandora more that any other brand.

    Troll beads do not fit Pandora/chamilia bracelets.
  9. I have both Pandora and Troll. I like the design of the Troll bracelet much better. Overall I prefer the look of the Troll beads too. My Pandora seems to need almost constant polishing which drives me crazy. I only need to polish my Troll one or two times a year. In retrospect, I wish I had not gotten into Pandora (it is sold in quite a few places around me while I have to drive around 45 minutes one way to go to the one Troll shop in my area). I could have used that money for something else or more Troll. It's my one jewelry regret.
  10. I did my research before I bought my bracelet and I prefer Pandora. I love the classic look it has. The Troll ones look pretty too. Not a fan of Camilla
  11. I think Pandora is awesome but I really like the Trollbeads clasp/lock. So I mix and match. I also make my own glass beads so I "really" mix and match!! I've not tried Chamilia. There are other brands too? Just noticed a new one in the "In Style" magazine that showed up last week. (I am ordering another bracelet and more silver trollbeads now as we speak!!! Er, well, as I post haha)
  12. I have yet to venture into Trollbeads but I am loving their glasswork and I like the clasp/lock so that may be my next undertaking :smile: I checked out the one in the In Style ad and it was so-so...the silverwork didn't leave me wanting for it so safe there :p
  13. I'm no snob - that's for sure. And to a huge extent it's simply a matter of taste. There are many very lovely Pandora beads. But I have to say that the pandora rep at the shop I went to was very dismissive of Trollbeads and that's ridiculous. Trollbeads have been around since 1976 - they are the original glass bead of this kind and they are lovely. They are artisan beads and are still made by the artists who originally made them. They're not mass produced - sometimes they're not exactly perfect because of this. Yes, you have to pick your bead carefully. I love this about them. It's really a case of each to their own. But why is it that to enjoy the one we like we have to knock the one someone else likes?! There are plenty of beads for everyone to love and appreciate! Let's be kind to oneanother! Good grief!
  14. Cute!!
  15. I love Trollbeads too. Glad you love yours!!