Owning Two black Chanel Classic flap in different hardware color

Nov 6, 2019
It really depends on if it matters to you! (And also if you're willing to part with the money...)

My opinion is since black is a classic colour, I would go for it. Another thing you can consider is what someone else has mentioned - getting another bag in a different size or different material (lambskin/caviar). I'm also petite and I have a small and a medium classic flap.
I purchased the same bag in diff sizes, leathers and hardwares lol but all black. They’re all very different to me. I would probably get the same one in the same color/size/leather but diff hardware too tbh. My only issue with Chanel rn is the quality control. I’m seeing too many defective pieces (misaligned flaps, poor stitching, creasing/indentation or even scratches brand new, etc.). Can’t justify the price point unless the piece is absolutely pristine.


Mar 26, 2018
I have a black medium classic in silver hardware, but i realize I wanted to gold hardware. I decided to buy the same bag but in gold hardware, do you think it’s too much? Or what is your opinion about it
I don't think it's too much. If you were happy and content with your shw, you wouldn't have bought the other one in ghw. Keep both unless you need the money or until you are sure you really don't like the other one.