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  1. I own the 1941 spooky eye duffle 20 and paid full price (I rarely do this lol) when the retail collection came out, and I have no regrets because the details and quality are amazing! If you like small crossbody styles, I recommend getting it when it's available on the next outlet online sale. I don't believe it's actually being remade. The manager at my outlet store said that all the retail stock is from the original production of the retail collection, and only a very limited amount was sent to some of the outlets while the rest was sent to Disney.

    I'm thinking these items are likely excess merchandise that didn't sell out in other international markets. The last time the spooky eye duffle 20 showed up on the online outlet sale, some people were reporting in the outlet online sale thread that their packages had overseas return addresses. Definitely check out the dark fairytale thread for pictures and reviews of the duffle and more from the collection.
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    I took lots of photos of the new outlet Disney Dark Fairytale collection and retail items at the outlet in Cabazon, CA.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Check out my haul in the dark fairytale thread.
  3. Wow - you have a great outlet near you - mine had hardly anything - are those rogues boutique deletes or outlet versions?
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    And what are the differences between delete and outlet version? Is it lighter leather or just a different creed? I’m curious because I just got an Edie from fos as I wanted chestnut & it wasn’t on the fp site. I’ve not seen retail version irl. I don’t care if the creed is different but I want the retail quality. I really love the chestnut but I might return and order black on retail while it’s on sale.
  5. Do u love the quality of the bag you purchased? If so keep it.
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  6. I do like it. I know when Phoebes became outlet bags there were changes and I liked fp better. I just wondered if anyone here had done a comparison on Edies.
  7. If you love it don’t worry about others
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    I’m not concerned with others, I just haven’t found a comparison on here or YouTube and can’t get out to see for myself as I’m recovering from mastectomy. I remember last summer there was a discussion about f-creed Drifters (?) being retail quality.
  9. Rogues are retail from vault
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  10. Got my found order of a Chalk tea rose Dinky yesterday . Doesn’t look like chalk to me lol. Gotta call and get it straightened, hoping they can honor the 70% off price.

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  11. Just visited my outlet today to order the bluebird charm I absolutely must have and was going to do a rogue found order but just found out the discount has dropped from 70% to 60% and too cheap to do it
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  12. They dropped Few days ago
  13. Really? My outlet still had 70% yesterday - they must be slow
  14. Yes. It was 60 yesterday
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  15. The olive spooky eye totes, the dinkys, the rogues and everything else on the table with the rogues are retail deletes. The store manager informed me that all the retail stock is from the original production of the retail collection, and only a very limited amount was sent to some of the outlets while the rest was sent to Disney. I think they're also reserving some retail merchandise for the upcoming online outlet sale, so hopefully you can get some goodies there too.

    The deletes are retail items that have been removed from the retail boutiques and sent to the outlets, so they're still retail bags (rogues, dinkys, edies, etc.) but at an outlet price. Since the deletes are retail items, they usually have more details and higher quality hardware and leather; that's not to say that the made for outlet bags and items aren't good quality so I just buy what I like based on the quality. There have been rare instances where Coach has sent retail items to the outlets with outlet creeds on them, and it's believed that those creeds where added while there was still stock in production. That makes things even more confusing and is another reason why I go by quality.
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