Opinions on these Carolina Bucci bracelets, please...

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  1. Yes, I do see what you mean! Thanks for pointing that out!
  2. Thanks for the feedback so far, ladies - please keep it coming! It looks like the tri-gold is a clear favourite. I agree that the proportions of the tri-gold are good. I really love the sparkle of the disco-ball bracelets, though - so I'm thinking maybe the tri-gold and one disco-ball bracelet - maybe in pink gold? The finish of the tri-gold is lovely and quite unique, but the disco-ball bracelets are MUCH more glittery - it's hard to capture in photos.

    I really, really appreciate the feedback!!:smile:
  3. Just popped into Tiffany's. Here is the yellow gold tiffany toggle beads bracelet next to the others for comparison...

  4. I want one of those tri colours now, it's gorgeous. I'm not going to help much because I love them all. The tiffany looks great too, it's a bit more substantial too, but it depends what you're going for.
  5. I like the Tiffany's mini bead better.. IMO, it looks more
    Classy and substantial.. :smile:) I like the tri colour too, but I think it s more of a funkier piece.
  6. I agree with the other ladies, the sparkle beads are a different kind of look - try the tricolour and a slim leather double or triple tour bracelet....
  7. Hi bem3231 -- did you decide on which bracelet? I'm interested in the Tiffany version and was wondering what you think -- if you ended up getting that one. TIA
  8. I saw her in the hermes forum with her stacking bracelets, it's adorable with her babes bum!! she has her love, with a lagoon clic and the cb tri color. I hope she doesn't mind if i reposted her pic. so you can see her stack…..so cute

    BEM, your pic is so adorable, love the lagoon color and your dress, goes perfectly!!


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  9. Thanks so much jssl1688! It looks like she chose the CB -- what a gorgeous stack! And the pic of the baby's sandy bum is priceless!!!
  10. sure Hiromi! :smile:)
  11. Great final selection. The combo with the lagoon is perfect!

    I am new recent fan of CB creations. Got some of her large rose gold hoops and love the sparkle. Next up is a bracelet.
  12. All three disco ball bracelets would be my suggestion.
    So sparkly!
    So pretty!

    They look the best with you love bracelet and your diamond rings. Plus I like the versatility of the various combinations.
  13. That is a GREAT picture.
  14. Me too! I recently bought the Carolina Bucci sparkly white gold gypsy earrings and a matching bangle. Great designs! :tup: Here are some stock pics but they are much prettier IRL. http://www.carolinabucci.com/

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  15. Really pretty tri-colour!