Opinions on these Carolina Bucci bracelets, please...

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    Hi all -

    I need som advice. I am looking for another bracelet (or two, or three...) to layer with my YG love - something that I can wear 24/7 without worries, in a good quality gold - preferably 18k. I was originally thinking something from the Tiffany beads line, but a helpful member on this forum suggested the Carolina Bucci line. I ordered a few pieces as I wasn't familiar with her stuff. I now have to decide within the next day or so whether to keep any of these pieces and, if so, which ones.

    I would like something that is good quality, comfortable to wear, and, ideally, that ties in other gold colours. I wear my love bracelet all of the time (obviously, I guess) and I also wear a solic yg 31mm Rolex with president bracelet, so that's a bit hit of yellow hold that leaves me feeling uncomfortable when trying to wear white or rose gold pieces.

    He rings that I wear daily are all platinum and diamonds, bit very little white metal actually shows.

    I also have a Temple St. Clair rose gold pendant and chain that I intend to wear more once my 10 month old baby is a bit bigger and not constantly grabbing at it - lol. So, the idea of incorporating something in rose gold appeals to me. I also like the idea of incorporating some white metal, but the whole yellowing issue with white gold is what has led me to avoid it for a long time now. I have spoken with a Bucci rep who confirms that these bracelets are all suitable for daily wear, and that if any discolouration occurs replating is offered, however this involves sending the pieces to Florence for a month.

    So, could I please get some opinions? I am actually quite impressed with these pieces. The 'disco ball' sparkle bracelets are small but pack a big punch. They do sparkle a lot. The tri-gold bracelet is quite different. It's from a collection intended to look like silk. It is not sparkly, but still quite lovely and different. It also has adjustable length and a cute honey-bee charm on it.

    At first I was intending to choose two for now, but I also like the look of three (and even four - though I wonder if four is overkill). I don't think keeping all of them is in the cards for now - they are fairly pricey. The sparkle bracelets are $1000 each and the tri-gold is $1500.

    So what I'm wondering is...

    - What do you think of these? Do you like them? Do you think that they complement the love bracelet well?

    - If so, which combination do you like best? I will post a few photos of various combos that I've tried.

    - Do you prefer these to the Tiffany beads collection bracelets? With Tiffany I would have to keep to yellow gold. There is a Rubedo option, but I'm not too keen on that due to the tarnishing.

    - Finally, if you have any other suggestions or feedback I'm all ears! :smile:

    I would ideally like to come up with a nice combo that works in at least one different tone of gold, and that complements / enhances, rather than overpowers my love bracelet.

    Thank you!!
  2. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391805981.269001.jpg

    Yellow and rose.
  3. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391806036.168982.jpg

    White and rose.
  4. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391806100.152373.jpg

    Another yellow and rose.
  5. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391806134.652730.jpg

    Yellow, rose, and white sparkle bracelets.
  6. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391806199.802411.jpg

    Yellow and white.
  7. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391806237.285658.jpg

    Clasp and bee charm on tri-gold bracelet.
  8. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391806321.736136.jpg

    Yellow and pink paired with tri-gold.
  9. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391806442.001035.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1391806460.367647.jpg

    All of them together.
  10. Hello there! I think I suggested to have you take a look at the Carolina Bucci line. Wow, you bought several of these bracelet and what a dilemma i'm sure. They are look great on you. If I was to choose one or two out of the bunch, the tri color one and the yg or rg bead one are the ones I'd keep. It compliments the lb enough or on it's own. If i had to choose one, i'd go with the tri color. i like the size on them better as well. i feel like the other beaded ones need more stacking or it loses it's presence. if your looking for stacking options and would consider non fine jewelry, i'd suggest layering with hermes leather bracelets. a few of my fav's are kdt, rivals, clic clac, cdc etc. I think they layer beautifully with the lb. Also depending on your budget, i'd check out the fine jewelry line, the gold and pave diamond bracelet by Hermes as well. I forgot if you were looking for all bead type bracelet only, but there are simply so many stacking options. vca is great too!! the 5 motif and sweets are also wonderful!! I hope I didn't just confuse you further. good luck

  11. Thanks so much for your reply, and for suggesting the Bucci collection in the first place! I do not live near a retailer, so ordered these 'just to have a look', not sure if I'd like them or not. I do have several Hermes bracelets - various leather pieces and many Clic Clacs and Clic H bracelets - they do stack really well with the lb. Really I'm looking for something to add a little more interest that is comfy to wear daily. I have two young children, so I don't end up wearing a lot of my jewellery very often these days.

    I agree with you that the tri-gold is an interesting piece, and good proportions to go alongside the lb. But the disco ball bracelets are so sparkly! Ugh - decisions decisions! I am actually heading off for a shopping weekend tomorrow and am going to have another look at VCA and also other options at Cartier, but I wasn't really planning on spending that much at this time.
  12. That tricolor is amazing and now I want one! I'd keep tri and stack w a YG along with your love. Such a cute look!
  13. I like the tri as it has white gold. Any of the photos that have the all white gold or the tri really bring out the diamonds in your Love!! Go look at the pics and see if you see what I mean 😊
  14. I love your tri-color sparkle bead bracelet!

    I just ordered Carolina Bucci 18k white gold earrings in the sparkle finish and I can't wait to get them. :smile:

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  15. I like the tri-color! Looks very pretty and dainty :smile: