opinions needed for my E-ring upgrade

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  1. Size---as long as you have a decent color and clarity, I would go with a larger size that has a good cut. A good cut can make or break a stone! Good luck deciding.
  2. I agree with those who have suggested upgrading the cut, then the color if needed. I'd go with an ideal cut stone, look at it in different light before purchasing, then upgrade the color if you still feel it looks dark. The cut of a stone makes a huge difference in its appearance!
  3. Since your stone is quite sizable I would upgrade cut first and maybe color to G/H.
  4. I have an SI1, I colored stone and I LOVE it. It's not too icy, not too warm. I would recommend a well cut "I" stone! : )
  5. i have an I color stone as well and have no regrets
  6. Upgrade the cut quality and the color before size.
  7. i also think that upgrading the cut and color before the size. depending on what the color of ur stone is now, the cut might be the most important thing
  8. I say color. If your DH mentioned it looked yellow then i think color upgrade is best.

    G color. so it can maybe look EF in good lighting =P
  9. go for color-I prefer a smaller size with perfect color and clarity.
    A big rock with yellow tinge is tacky, IMO.

    (my mom has a 4 ct. and it looks over the top like a cubic zircon cocktail ring)